“Alexa, help me understand this!”

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Hands up if Santa brought an Alexa to your home this Christmas ✋

We are here to help you and your family get the most out of your Alexa; safety settings, funny questions to ask and the best age-appropriate apps the entire family can enjoy.

What do I need?
– An Amazon Device with Alexa
– An Amazon Account

Which restrictions can I apply?
– Ability to use certain apps
– In-app purchases
– Access to Inappropriate content

Setting Up Your Alexa Device ⚙️

Create an age appropriate account for your child.
This restricts a child’s access to inappropriate apps and inappropriate content through voice web searches.


  1. Log in to your Amazon account on the web
  2. Go to ‘Your Account’ dropdown and click ‘Your Account’
  3. Under ‘Shopping Programmes’ click ‘Amazon Household’
  4. Click ‘Add a child’
  5. Enter the details of your child – make sure you enter their correct birth year so they see age appropriate content
  6. Click ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’
  7. Here you can control what purchase content your child can access and on what device

Restrict in-app purchases 💸

This restricts the device being used to buy app add-ons and also deliveries from Amazon.


  1. Open the Alexa App on your phone (find this in the App Store/Google Play Store) or echo.amazon.com
  2. Tap the Menu icon
  3. Click Settings
  4. Tap ‘Voice Purchasing’
  5. Add a 4-digit pin and tap save to set up the pin. Alternatively, you can disable voice purchasing altogether here.

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💡 Top Tip

You can turn off your Echo’s mic to stop the Echo listening when you don’t want it to. Smart virtual assistant speakers are always-on, always-listening in order to be always-helping, however if you don’t like this just click the microphone on-off button on top of the device.

Fun Questions 🙊

For your Voice Assistant to work you need to say “Alexa” before each command. Here are some ones to get you started:

– “Alexa, which came first: chicken or egg?”
– “Alexa, rock, paper, scissors”
– “Alexa, I am your father”
– “Alexa, Marco!”
– “Knock knock”
– “Alexa, sing Baby Shark”
– “Alexa, tell me a fact about dinosaurs

💡 Top Tip

You can listen to all your Amazon Echo recording in the Alexa App. Go to Settings, History and you will see a list of all entries. You can listen and also delete recordings.

Apps (called Skills) 📲

Amazon calls their apps Skills. Alexa Skills can be enabled from the web or the Alexa App. Just search the name of the Skill you want to add and click ‘Enable.’ You need to turn on ‘Kids Skills’ in your Alexa App to allow children in your care to access age-appropriate skills.

🔊 Teens

records with '00s' text on it

– Song Quiz: Test your music-lover

This is a fun game that you can play as a group or against a random player from anywhere in the world. Don’t worry, players cannot communicate with each other in anyway and it is entirely random. The player chooses a decade and they hear 7 clips of songs from that decade. They have to name the artist and song. Earn points and level up.

Say “Alexa, start Song Quiz.”
icon of the world globe

– Travel Quest: Perfect for the budding traveller
Teens get a virtual passport to travel and around the world and learn about different cultures. Answer questions and learn facts about the countries you ‘travel’ to, earning points (doubloons) and levelling up. You can currently travel to Brazil, France or Japan. As the skill is used more the number of countries available will grow.

Say “Alexa, start Travel Quest.”
Logo for the harry potter franchise

– Harry Potter Quiz: Calling all Potter heads!
Perfect for that Harry Potter loving teen. This fun quiz allows you to compete to get your Hogwarts House to the top of the leader board while asking a series of questions based on famous quotes, creatures, spells etc. Feedback from your answers comes from Stephen Fry! There are two difficulty levels, O.W.L. (easy) and N.E.W.T (hard) New questions everyday ensure the boredom is kept at bay. And before the Harry Potter diehards ask – yes, the questions are based on the books, not the movies!

Say “Alexa, play Harry Potter Quiz.”

🎉 You

Here’s how Alexa can make your life easier:

list with ticks on each item

– Quick List
This app can help you create to-do lists and shopping lists. Add items and take your lists with you on the go.

Say “Alexa, ask Quick List to add bread and milk and cheese to my shopping list.”
icon of a tv

– TV Guide
Ask your Alexa what’s on the telly tonight and put an end to the endless scrolling.

Say “Alexa, ask my TV Guides what’s on the telly tonight?”
Fuel pump that is yellow

– Fuel Finder
Using your postcode this skill will find the cheapest petrol and diesel near you.

Say “Alexa, ask fuel finder where’s the cheapest diesel.”
road with yellow lines in middle

– UK Roads
Find out about traffic incidents and the status of roads before you travel.

Say “Alexa, ask UK Roads what’s the status of the M40.”
baby with 2 pieces of hair smiling

– Baby Stats
Perfect for parents of a new-born this Alexa skill lets you track your baby’s feedings, weight, sleep, stool and much more. It syncs with the Baby Stats phone app. This helps sleep deprived parents keep track of their busy lives.

Say “Alexa, ask baby stats to add poop and pee” or “Alexa, ask baby stats how many feedings in the last 24 hours.”
You can also enable sending texts, flash briefings from your preferred news source and radio from your favourite channel!

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