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Information where you need it, when you need it – in your pocket


We can build a personalised app packed with useful information about your organisation and a login providing access to your very own e-learning centre.

Our App Based Learning Experience (Able) provides access to course material, advice and help.

Able Training Courses


Interactive and engaging course content which is easy-to-access, simple to understand and the app itself, intuitive to use.

Login & Learn


Login & learn about your organisation’s key policies, practices, best practice advice, guidance and routes to reporting.

Helpful advice a screen tap away


Whether at home, in the office or on the move, users can choose to watch, read, or listen to content and test their progress.

OnePlus 5T phone showing the Sport Ireland Ethics app



“We developed the (IFA Safeguarding Children and Young People in Football) app to ensure that everyone has the information they need, when they need it and where they need it: in their pocket. I am confident that we have developed something innovative and unique.” Jonny Evans, West Bromwich Albion FC and Northern Ireland FC 


“There is a lot of expectation on our practitioners. Often they will be dealing with a crisis that cannot wait for them to seek advice and return the next day. We believe the app will prove an invaluable support for people doing tough jobs – so they don’t feel they are on their own when making big decisions that can affect lives” Sophie Humphreys, Chief Executive of Pause

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Able Features

Training Courses

teacher_training_dayInteractive course content which is easy to access, simple to understand and intuitive to use.

Login & Learn

teacher_training_dayLogin and learn about the organisation’s policy on social media, escalation, and more.

Branded Design

teacher_training_dayHigh-quality design elements feature the organisation’s colours, logo and customised icons

Push Notifications


Push notifications are a great way to communicate announcements, news, alerts and more.

Staff Directories

teacher_training_dayWith one-click, users can easily connect with the organisations administrators or support staff.


teacher_training_dayThe newsfeed includes all of your important news, announcements and updates.



Store important documents such as permission forms, handbooks and policies. Users can print or share these directly from their device.

Quick Links

teacher_training_dayCustomisable links provide quick access to features like an organisation’s online calendar, galleries, and more.


teacher_training_dayThe Confidence test encourages users to test whether they have grasped key messages. Results are generated immediately & are confidential.



A simple survey ensures you can routinely seek feedback from users.


teacher_training_dayPin locations on a map, for useful directions & or an event.

Competence Examination

teacher_training_dayThe Digital Certificate function is designed to provide a means of online testing or accreditation.

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