Appropriate Use of Social Media Course

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Protect your organisation, your brand, and your employees.


Learning Objectives:

✔ Identify risks in professional and personal practice.
✔ Understand the application of social media in social & business contexts.
✔ Identify key statutory and non-statutory influences.
✔ Help participants to develop their own ‘Appropriate Use of Social Media Policy.’

lightbulb made from social media icons Many organisations misunderstand or confuse a digital media strategy with an appropriate use of social media policy, but they are very different things.

policy document icon We have worked closely with Facebook, Twitter, specialist barristers and law enforcement professionals to developed an ‘Appropriate Use’ course that addresses key issues for organisations, managers and staff.

Qualification Opportunities from Queen’s University, Belfast

The two day course is designed to provide attendees with an understanding of the dangers they face by misusing their personal social media in a way that conflicts with professional standards, roles and responsibilities.

We use REAL case studies to show the consequences.

We also reflect the fact that disciplinary cases brought by organisations that had no policy and/or made no effort to inform staff of their expectations are generally those that fail.

The final day includes workshops aimed towards building a policy appropriate for the organisational needs using attendee knowledge. Each class is limited to no more than 9 students.

Ineqe Safe and Secure is an approved ILM Centre

Hear from those who have benefitted from our course…

“I really enjoyed the course. The learning opportunities and insight into Social Media issues was of particular interest…The knowledge and expertise of facilitators was excellent.”
(Health Trust)

“…the capability to inflict significant damage to another’s reputation in 140 characters (or less) cannot be underestimated…”
(Mr Justice Bean, Carins v Modi)

“A very in-depth and relevant course that gives you the knowledge and skills to implement an Appropriate Use of Social Media Policy. The trainers were very professional, knowledgeable and made it interesting.”
(Irish FA)
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