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Levelling Up: A Round Up of Our Best Gaming Resources


With the rapid advancement of technology and the big boom of the gaming industry in 2020, there is a good chance your household has at least one gamer living in it. Gaming is one of the fastest evolving social forums. Even if someone games privately instead of “online” (meaning they can play simultaneously with

Levelling Up: A Round Up of Our Best Gaming Resources2021-09-10T16:56:15+01:00

The State of the Nation – ‘Understanding the Experience of LGBTQ+ Young People’


Published: 24th June, 2021 It’s Pride Month in the UK, which marks the celebration of and focus on LGBTQ+ communities. While this is a time to celebrate, it is also an important time to shed light on the difficult everyday situations many LGBTQ+ young people find themselves in, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Understanding the

The State of the Nation – ‘Understanding the Experience of LGBTQ+ Young People’2021-07-19T12:01:41+01:00

Self-Generated Images: Your Guide to Taking Back Control 


Last Updated: 23rd June, 2021 We have previously raised concerns about the dangers of self-generated sexual imagery created by children and young people. It can be scary and confusing for children and young people, especially if they lose control of any images. Here, we help define this issue and give you some top tips on supporting children and young people by keeping control of images. 

Self-Generated Images: Your Guide to Taking Back Control 2021-06-24T12:46:58+01:00

Everyone’s Invited – Ofsted Update


Latest Update 17th June 2021: Ofsted has warned UK schools that they need to act as though sexual harassment and online sexual abuse is happening to them – even if they haven’t been named on the Everyone’s Invited website. The education watchdog published the results of their rapid review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges on the 10th of June, 2021. review of sexual abuse in schools

Everyone’s Invited – Ofsted Update2021-07-19T11:59:10+01:00

Safeguarding Alert – Viral Rumour


Yesterday, Newsweek reported that TikTok users were warning each other that a group of men had been discussing the 24th of April as a national day of carrying out rape and sexual assault.   This worrying online trend was reportedly started by a group of up to six men who claimed that all sexual assault was legal on this day, while encouraging their followers to commit these crimes.    Several other news outlets have begun to report

Safeguarding Alert – Viral Rumour2021-04-19T17:26:34+01:00

Your Guide to Schools Reopening


As schools across the UK start to gradually return, there has been much speculation about the requirements and procedures schools and parents need to know about. To support this gradual transition from home learning back to in-school learning we have compiled a list of helpful information and guidance. Home Learning hub

Your Guide to Schools Reopening2021-03-11T11:42:25+00:00

Keeping you Safer Everyday – Our Most Popular Resources


Here at Ineqe Safeguarding Group, everyday is a safer internet day. Our team of online safety experts continuously monitor the emerging trends, risks and threats from the latest platforms children and young people in your care are using. We regularly communicate the latest updates to our growing Safeguarding Hub Newsletter Network. If you’re a parent,

Keeping you Safer Everyday – Our Most Popular Resources2021-02-09T14:48:11+00:00

Cyber security for children


In recent decades computers have become much more advanced. The average smartphone is now more powerful than the technology used to put the first human on the moon. But with this great power comes even greater responsibility. Cybersecurity can seem like a daunting topic that requires a certain level of technical expertise. But there

Cyber security for children2021-01-29T08:59:29+00:00

Security, Fortnite & Christmas


Do you receive our Safeguarding Alerts? Receive regular updates to help you safeguard children in a digital era. Online Training: Now Available! A brand new range of expertly designed courses bringing you up to date with the evolving trends, risks and threats to children in

Security, Fortnite & Christmas2020-12-11T14:58:16+00:00

Fortnite Launches Season 5


What’s happening with Fortnite? Fortnite just released its latest version of Battle Royale: Chapter 2, Season 5 which introduces several new areas on the map, items, and characters from the popular Disney TV show, ‘The Mandalorian’ (which includes the adorable Baby Yoda). This latest version, like its predecessors, is

Fortnite Launches Season 52020-12-08T11:51:07+00:00
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