Bespoke School Packages

Our comprehensive subscription services provide a range of options for your school. The complete digital package provides you with your own safety centre, digital footprint survey, pupil licensing course, digital policy handbooks, direct representation with social media sites and a dedicated helpline*.
*Advice is limited to issues directly related to risks associated with new, emerging, existing technology and young people in the context of school. This is not designed to replicate or replace the role or function of the designated teacher.
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Digital homework briefing day

• A briefing & workshop day for ‘parental partnerships’
• Exercises for children to complete with parents at home
• Based on contemporary issues & headlines

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Social Media Policy

• Building/Review & reconstruction of an Appropriate Use Policy
• Constructing a Student Code of Online Conduct

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Crisis Management

• Planning & preparing for emergencies
• Building crisis management teams
• Creating emergency plans

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Specialist Occupational Health

• Support for pastoral care & other relevant professionals
• Specialist Occupational Health clinic

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Media Training

• Reputation Management & the media
• Senior Management & key staff training day

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Managing Conflict in school

• Managing Conflict
• Managing Anger

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Drug & Alcohol Awareness

• Understanding the signs of drug & alcohol abuse

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Managing Risk in Schools

• Understanding vetting & reference checks
• Table top exercises

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