Safer Schools

Educate, empower, and protect the entire school community.

Dynamic Content Management

We stay alive to the emerging trends to ensure all information and advice provided in the app is current and up-to-date.

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Push Notifications

Our user-friendly system sends push notifications to specific app users. They are a great way to communicate announcements, news, alerts and more.

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School Newsfeed

The newsfeed includes all of your school's important news, announcements and updates.

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Parental Engagement

Boost your school’s Ofsted compliance. Promoting the confidence and engagement of parents is an Ofsted priority for schools.

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Safety Centre

Provides up-to-date information on how to block, report and set safety restrictions across each social media platform.

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Events Calendar

Share your calendar with the school community to ensure you don't miss another play!

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Tailored to Groups

Behind the login, pupils, parents, carers, teachers and staff have access to role-specific information.

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Digital Tests

Enjoy interactive, engaging and CPD accredited course content.

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