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Identify, understand and protect.

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What is SSNAP?

The SSNAP Cards are an educational game that educates young people, guardians and safeguarding professionals about safeguarding risks that play out in an online environment.

The Safer Social Networking Activity Pack reflects real case studies and provides credible insights into the contemporary use of social media by children and young people.

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The Issues

Issues tackled in the SSNAP pack include bullying, fomo, sexting, deleting messages, revenge porn, rumour accounts, decoy apps, high risk behaviour, personal information, stories, anonymous apps, memes, location sharing, friends and safety settings.

This comprehensive set ensures safeguarding professionals, parents and carers can identify, manage and mitigate the risks that come to a head on social media, while understanding the context the issues are in and the people behind the screens.

The Platforms

The SSNAP pack is informed by our own first-hand research. Our research shows that young people tend to congregate online in the same digital spaces no matter their geographical location.

Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook are consistently the most popular apps hence the majority of safeguarding issues will arise on these apps. While the SSNAP cards focus on these four platforms they also touch on other platforms and the risks they pose too including kik, TikTok and YouTube.

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The Red Cards

The Red cards, also known as Safety Cards, are valuable signposting resources. They help participants know where to go for the right type of help. Prepare yourself, your collegues and young people for situations where they need to know who to turn to, and fast.

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Safeguarding in a Digital World Masterclass

Using our innovative SSNAP cards attendees at our Safeguarding in a Digital World Masterclass understand digital issues through an anaologue means.

Learn from the experts and arm yourself with the knowledge to cascade learning throughout your organisation, and make people safer.

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“Really changed my views on my personal need to be on social media sites to understand needs in school. Cards are a fantastic resource for discussion.”

- Teacher