Self-Harm and Peer Support


Over the course of the pandemic, mental health in the UK has worsened by 8.1%, with young people and women most affected as the groups who already had been struggling with mental health issues prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. We know from emerging research that self-harm referrals and presentations at

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Young People & Dating Apps: Trends and Risks


Bumble, Hinge, Badoo, Tinder. This may sound like a list of nonsensical words with no connection, but that is exactly what they all have in common – they are all about connection. These are just a few of today’s most popular dating apps. While many of these

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Children’s Mental Health Week 2022


This week marks Children’s Mental Health Week across the UK. After nearly two full years of a pandemic, the newest research indicates it has taken a heavy toll on children’s mental health. Between the social impacts, education and home life adjustments, and the stress and uncertainties

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Exam Results: Dealing with Disappointment in the Digital World


Receiving exam results is always a stressful time. It’s the culmination of countless hours of hard work and stress on top of navigating education throughout a pandemic. For many, it will be a time of joy and looking forward to the future. However, this won’t be the reality for some pupils around the UK as they receive results that aren't what they hoped for.Dealing with disappointing exam results comes

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The State of the Nation – ‘Understanding the Experience of LGBTQ+ Young People’


Published: 24th June, 2021 It’s Pride Month in the UK, which marks the celebration of and focus on LGBTQ+ communities. While this is a time to celebrate, it is also an important time to shed light on the difficult everyday situations many LGBTQ+ young people find themselves in, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Understanding the

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Children’s Mental Health Week 2021


This week marks Children’s Mental Health Week across the UK. As we continue to navigate our way through the Coronavirus pandemic and find ourselves at home more than usual, it’s critical that we look after our mental health - especially children and young people. Being at home more inevitably means we’re spending more time

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What you need to know about Algorithms


What are algorithms? We all hear the word ‘algorithms’ in the news so often, and it’s normally in relation to social media. But what exactly is an ‘algorithm’? Algorithms are essentially instructions or procedures that allow computers to operate more effectively. In the online world, they are used to

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Insight into Influencers


An influencer is someone with an online social media presence and with a large enough following to market or ‘influence’ their audience to buy products, services and goods. The truth is that anyone can be an influencer, and some are famous solely for being an influencer. Popular influencers often create and sustain a

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5 Ways Young People Can Cope With Stress


Since the pandemic, many young people and their parents have reported struggling with their mental health. Mental health charity Young Minds found that 51% of young people in the UK said that the Coronavirus pandemic made their mental health a bit worse 32% said the situation has made their mental health

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Back to school – Having Supportive Conversations


As schools begin to gradually re-open, it is essential that all staff are prepared for potentially sensitive conversations that may take place. With pupils having spent a long time at home and out of school, many teachers have expressed concern about the needs of pupils once they return. It is important that staff feel prepared

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