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Learn about emerging and recurring threats through our simple videos.

Fortnite in 60 Seconds

Fortnite: Battle Royale has dominated the gaming world. Here is your 60 second insight into staying safe on the game that has taken the gaming world by storm.

'Prescribed' Child Sex Dolls

Our CEO Jim Gamble QPM shares his opinion on ‘prescribing’ child sex dolls to paedophiles. A response to an article from Daily Express.

Support a child to overcome bullying at school

Here's our 4 top tips for staff on how to support children and young people with bullying.

What is Momo?

With recent media coverage on the Momo Challege it's important to pause, think and plan before speaking to your child.

Supporting a child who is being bullied

For Parents: Support the children in your care who is being bulled

What is a Trusted Adult?

It is important children understand what a trusted adult is. Reassure and empower children in your care with this video.

Criminal Justice vs Safeguarding

The differences between a safeguarding and a criminal justice reponse is explored by Jim Gamble QPM. Which is truly better within a safeguarding context?

Pasfhocail - Safer Schools (Irish Language)

Irish Language enthusiasts, check out our informative animation about the importance of passwords as Gaeilge. (English Subtitles included)

Social Media Addiction

This Mental Health Awareness Week we have explored social media addiction and the stressing effects it has on young people and children.

FGM Awareness

Hear from FGM survivors. Learn about FGM and the context within which it takes place.


This social-media trend poses a risk to children. Understand the concept and learn how to combat it with the triple lock consent principle.

New App Alert: Thread's from Instagram

Instagram release a new standalone app, watch our video to find out more information.

⚠️ Controversial messaging app set to close ⚠️

⚠️ Controversial messaging app set to close ⚠️

What is 'Sadfishing'?

You may have heard the term ‘sadfishing’ in the media this week and wondered what it was. Watch our video to find out more.

New Feature: Instagram Restrict

Instagrams new feature lets you restrict users from unwanted interactions & much more.

Instagram Dark Mode

NEW FEATURE: Instagram Dark Mode

iOS 13: Updates to Privacy and Security

iOS 13: Updates to Privacy and Security

iOS 13 - Create your very own Memoji with this new update!

iOS 13 - Create your very own Memoji with this new update!

Safeguarding Alert: Porn Email Scam

We've received multiple reports about a worrying porn email scam making the rounds - Our CEO Jim Gamble QPM tells you what you need to know.

Tik Tok Challenges

⚠️Viral Challenge Alert! ⚠️ Here's Brad to warn you about the viral challenge on @TikTok_uk this week, where TikTokers are gluing their lips to get views and likes on the platform!

Who do you need to RECONNECT with this summer?

Part of our #BePositivelySocial campaign, this emotive video tells the story of how easy it is to reconnect thanks to social media and technology.

4 Ways You Can Use Technology to Support Young People on the Autistic Spectrum

This video will give you a better understanding of the technology you can use to support young people on the Autistic Spectrum

The YOLO App - Be aware

Be aware of this new anonymous messaging app called YOLO.

What is a Trusted Adult? (Secondary)

Whether children have good news or bad news, feeling happy or sad it’s always important for them to have an adult they trust to tell these things to. Show this video to children and young people in your care and help them decide who their 'Trusted Adults' are.

What Parents should know about Twitch?

What do know about the live-streaming platform, Twitch.

A Parents Briefing on the game FIFA

FIFA is a computer/video game developed by EA Sports. You play by building, managing and competing with your own football team. The teams are based on real-life and contain high profile players from all around the world. 🌎

WhatsApp Delete

Beware that what you share does not turn into a nightmare! Just because you can delete a picture or message, does not mean that it is actually deleted.

Hands Free Snaps

A new feature of Snapchat; take videos without having to hold the button!

Kin - The new digital currency from the app Kik

Have you heard of Kin? The new cryptocurrency that will soon be rolled out to all users of the app, Kik?

3 things you NEED to know about the new Snapchat layout

Love it 💙 or hate it 👎🏽, Snapchat’s new layout is here to stay. Watch now for the 3 things you need to know about this update! 👻 👻 👻

Celebrate Thesaurus Day 2018 with our Emoji Dictionary! 📖 📖

Released on Thesaurus Day 2018, watch this to keep in touch with the language used by young people to express themselves!

Four Tech Tips to Get Kids Fit

Whilst everyone else may be telling you to switch off all your different devices in order to go outside and get exercise. We’ve looked at how technology can actually assist with exercise, exploration and improving fitness.

Keeping your Child Safe on YouTube

Watch this video & learn how to keep your child safer on YouTube.

A Guide to Snapchat Basics

If you are not familiar with Snapchat and need to learn about it, follow our guide to walk you through the basics of the app which has reinvented the camera.

A Guide to the Basics of Instagram

Do you really know the nuts and bolts of the image sharing app and how to keep your children safer when using it? In this video briefing you will learn about the basics of Instagram & how to make the most of in-built safety tools.

Don’t be a Cyber Prat

It is really important that you protect yourself and your devices in today’s online environment. Follow these 5 simple steps to make yourself safer online.

Glimpse: Predators in Positions of Trust

In this ‘Ask the Expert’ brought to you by H2b Safer for Professionals service you will hear direct from the speakers at the ‘Glimpse: Predators in Positions of Trust’ event. Gain insights into (1) a survivors experience, (2) lessons learnt from the Independent Review into the Criminal Conduct of William Vahey and (3) vetting and ongoing scrutiny.

Kill the e-safety policy... how to protect children online

In this powerful Jim Gamble Insight, originally published via Virtual College, Jim will openly discuss the challenges of child protection in a digital world. Asserting that, if we truly wish to protect children a simple e-safety policy is not good enough.

Looking at Technology in a Different Way

In our first insight Jim discusses what is safeguarding in the context of children’s access to social media and use of technology.

Fact Sheets

What you need to know about online safety.

Online Scams

What you need to know about popular scams, and how to report them.