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Learn about emerging and recurring threats through our simple videos.

Who do you need to RECONNECT with this summer?

Part of our #BePositivelySocial campaign, this emotive video tells the story of how easy it is to reconnect thanks to social media and technology.

4 Ways You Can Use Technology to Support Young People on the Autistic Spectrum

This video will give you a better understanding of the technology you can use to support young people on the Autistic Spectrum

The YOLO App - Be aware

Be aware of this new anonymous messaging app called YOLO.

Fortnite in 60 Seconds

Fortnite: Battle Royale has dominated the gaming world. Here is your 60 second insight into staying safe on the game that has taken the gaming world by storm.

'Prescribed' Child Sex Dolls

Our CEO Jim Gamble QPM shares his opinion on ‘prescribing’ child sex dolls to paedophiles. A response to an article from Daily Express.

What is Momo?

With recent media coverage on the Momo Challege it's important to pause, think and plan before speaking to your child.

What is a Trusted Adult?

It is important children understand what a trusted adult is. Reassure and empower children in your care with this video.

Criminal Justice vs Safeguarding

The differences between a safeguarding and a criminal justice reponse is explored by Jim Gamble QPM. Which is truly better within a safeguarding context?

Social Media Addiction

This Mental Health Awareness Week we have explored social media addiction and the stressing effects it has on young people and children.

FGM Awareness

Hear from FGM survivors. Learn about FGM and the context within which it takes place.


This social-media trend poses a risk to children. Understand the concept and learn how to combat it with the triple lock consent principle.

Fact Sheets

What you need to know about online safety.

Online Scams

What you need to know about popular scams, and how to report them.