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Inset Day

A whole school approach to online safety and an introduction to social media, its use, abuse and consequences. The Inset Day is designed with ofsted inspection in mind, to reflect good and outstanding practice requirements.

The training provides schools with an overview of key issues relevant to the school, its workforce, students and parents. Specific sessions are developed to meet the needs of teachers, staff, guardians and governors.

There is the option of an additional evening workshop specifically for parents and carers. Topics covered include; Social Media in the Workplace, Social Media 101 and Online Safety/Child Protection.

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Appropiate Use of Social Media

Protect your organisation, brand and employees. Our training course works to help your organisation identify, mitigate and manage appropriate use of social media. We have worked alongside Facebook, Twitter, specialist barristers and law enforcement to build a course that addresses key issues for organisations, managers and staff.

We have all seen it in the news - organisation’s reputations harmed by employee’s use of social media. Prevent that by providing attendees with an understanding of the dangers they face by misusing their personal social media in a way that conflicts with professional standards, roles and responsibilities.

Qualification opportunities available from Queen’s University, Belfast.

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Missing, Exploited, Trafficked

Perfect for frontline safeguarding professionals. The MET training delivers a heightened awareness and critical understanding of indicators linked to missing, exploited and trafficked children. The use of immersive multimedia technology allows delegates to participate in experiential learning and increase their understanding of safeguarding issues.

National learning trends, themes and patterns of behaviour are included in this course. The training is bespoke and tailored to your local context, policies and practices.

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Mental Health in the Context of Safeguarding

Mental health awareness is an important topic in the context of safeguarding. This training provides an overview of government guidelines on best practice and is designed to give an understanding of how mental health can have an impact on the wellbeing of all individuals within your organisation.

Understanding the risk factors, knowing your role and responsibilities and empowering your staff to speak about mental health will help create a safe working environment.

This training includes relevant signposting on where to find further support, both within your organisation and externally.

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Online Safety Seminar

An online safety seminar in your school, for your pupils. Whether that be for classes, year groups or key stages. Focusing on key issues relevant to the school and its students this bespoke and up to date training is a breath of fresh air for pupils.

Sexting, bullying, gaming, personal information and other key issues are interactively discussed ensuring optimum learning.

We also provide bespoke apps designed for schools. This empowers your school community with safeguarding and social media knowledge at their fingertips. If you're insured by Zurich you could be entitled to our Safer Schools Package.

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