Last Updated on 10th December 2021

Schools and education providers are under increased pressure during the pandemic and continue to face complex challenges in delivering their usual education and safeguarding provisions 

 To support you, we have summarised and created a safeguarding checklist based on the recent DfE safeguarding guidance.  

You should use this checklist to ensure you continue to support children and young people during the pandemic. Given the current circumstances, iremains vital that the appropriate safeguarding and child protection frameworks can be adapted and maintained.  

Safeguarding Checklist for DfE Safeguarding guidance (COVID-19) – England

Use this checklist to ensure that your school has taken the appropriate actions in light of the DfE’s COVID-19 Safeguarding Guidance.

COVID-19 Safeguarding Checklist – All other regions

Safeguarding Leads can use this checklist to ensure that appropriate action has been taken in regard to their safeguarding procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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