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Safer Internet Day 2020

If you remember one thing this #SaferInternetDay, let it be the number 13.

Remember the number 13 this Safer Internet Day

Turn back the clock and change their virtual age to their real age to help make the children and young people in your care safer online. 
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Learn about emerging and recurring threats through our popular videos.

Viral Challenge Alert: ‘Outlet Challenge’ – Here’s Susie to warn you about the ‘outlet challenge’ on TikTok, where TikTokers are sliding a coin into a partially plugged in charger!

Pasfhocail – Safer Schools (Irish Language) – Irish Language enthusiasts, check out our informative animation about the importance of passwords as Gaeilge. (English Subtitles included)

Gifting on TikTok – Parents and Carers do you understand how gifting can be used to coerce and exploit young people on TikTook? Here’s what you need to know.

⚠️ Safeguarding Alert ⚠️ – A dangerous App has come onto our radar, posing risks to children and young people – we’ve chosen not to reveal the App’s name to avoid driving traffic to the platform. 

Parents & Carers: Support a child to overcome bullying –Support a child in your care who is being bullied.

Supporting a child to overcome bullying at school – Teachers here’s what you need to know about tackling bullying at your school.

Printables & Resources

Safeguarding resources for you and the children and young people in your care of all ages.

Family Home Safe Pack

Establish flexible and structured boundaries for children regarding their use of electronic devices.


Be a Cyber Hero

Help young people in your care become Cyberheroes against villainous online bullies.


Should You Stream It?

Guide the young people in your care to become safer streamers with this traffic light system.


Your Guide to Kik

This printable tells you everything you need to know about the dangerous platform Kik.


Safety Cards

Your one-page guide on how to stay safe on the most popular platforms.

Safety Card: Tik Tok


Safety Card: Snapchat


Safety Card: Instagram


Safety Card: YouTube


Safety Card: WhatsApp


Safety Card: Facebook


Safety Card: Twitch


Safety Card: Kik


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Code of Conduct outlined for Social Media giants

Dangerous new app, Ofcom’s new report and the International day of zero tolerance for FGM

#SaferInternetDay & #ViralChallenges