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Media Archive

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Jim Gamble appears in the Netflix Documentary

Police Probe Northern Ireland TikTok Trend

Hannah Paul Speaks on ITV News

Online Safety – It’s not about the internet…

Jim Gamble speaks at TedxStormontWomen

Don’t assume somebody else is dealing with it.

Jim Gamble on GBNews.

Are ‘Paedophile Hunters’ getting in the way of the law?

Jim Gamble on Good Morning Britain.

16th January 2018

Should Children’s Screen Time Be Limited?

Jim Gamble on Good Morning Britain.

7th February 2019

Should Paedophiles be ‘prescribed’ Child Sex Dolls?

Jim Gamble responds.

11th March 2019

Fighting Child Sexual Abuse

Jim Gamble on Good Morning Britain.
16th February 2017

Vulnerability is exacerbated & pathways to harm open much more quickly

Jim Gamble on GBNews

TikTok safety guide launched to support schools, parents and carers

The Irish News, 07 February 2023

Karren Brady says ‘smirking terrorist’ Shamima Begum should never be allowed back in UK

Birmingham Live, 13 Feb 2023

East Ayrshire: Safer School app launched by council

Cumnock Chronicle, March 2023

TikTok challenge flagged by Northern Ireland Safeguarding Group INEQE

Belfast Live, 4 March 2023

Colin Stitt discuss the latest TikTok challenge that escapes nudity filters

BBC Radio Ulster, The Nolan Show, 07 February 2023

Northern Ireland civil service bans social media site TikTok on official devices

ITV News, 21 March 2023

Online paedophile reports more than double in Kent in five years

BBC Kent, 22 May 2023

Police have ‘best chance’ at solving Madeleine McCann case in years, top cop says: ‘Something definitive’

New York Post, 23 May 2023

Rolf Harris: How predator hid in plain sight and caused his victims a ‘lifetime of pain’ – until survivors felt able to come forward

Sky News, 23 May 2023

Ex-Northern Ireland detective Jim Gamble says Madeline McCann developments ‘progressive’

ITV News, 23 May 2023

Hannah Paul discusses the use of AI image generators to create virtual child sexual abuse material

BBC Radio Ulster, The Nolan Show, 03 Jul 2023

It’s “ironic” the government is criticising Facebook end-to-end encryption when it “had the opportunity” to block it, says Jim Gamble.

Radio Times, 14 Dec 2023

Putting a Safeguarding perspective on the police practice of Stop & Search

haringey.gov December 15, 2023

Jim Gamble Addresses Age Verification and Dating Apps live on air with Stephen Nolan.
(Interview Begins at 1hr 06mins 40s)
BBC Radio 5, 10th Feb 2019

77 ‘paedophile hunter’ cases investigated by the PSNI
10th January 2018, BBC News

‘Paedo Hunters not a solution.. More police are.’ Article by Jim Gamble
13th January 2018, The Mirror

Open season on paedophiles in Ireland
14th January 2018, The Sunday Times

 Jim Gamble discusses the Crackdown on Vigilante ‘Paedophile Hunters’
16th January 2018, Good Morning Britain

Ex-police chief wants masquerading as a child online made an offence
23rd January 2018, Rhyl, Prestatyn & Abergele Journal

Former anti child abuse enforcer calls for curb on online vigilante activity
23rd January 2018, Belfast Newsletter

Chairman of first outstanding Safeguarding Children Board brings expertise to Bromley
11th January 2017, Bromley.gov

Head of ‘outstanding’ child safety board appointed as council strives to improve children’s services
11th January 2017, Bromley Times

Bromley council takes a Gamble to shake off criticism of children’s services 
11th January 2017, Oxted Today

Bromley children’s safeguarding board gets new chairman after damning report
12th January 2017, Newsshopper

Jim Gamble discusses how to tackle child sexual abuse.
16th February 2017, Good Morning Britain

Jim Gamble discusses ‘are there low risk paedophiles?’
28th February 2017, BBC Newsnight

Jim Gamble comments on ‘Paedophiles who view indecent images shouldn’t be send prison unless they pose a physical threat to children.’
28th February 2017, BBC Radio London, Vanessa Feltz

Jim Gamble discusses the Police chief calls for paedophiles who view child abuse images to spared prosecution.
28th February 2017, Phil Williams, BBC Radio 5 Live

No jail for paedophiles who view indecent images says top cop – Jim Gamble and Luke Gittos debate
1st March 2017, BBC Radio Ulster, The Nolan Show

Jim Gamble comments on “Poppi Worthington: This ‘shouldn’t happen again'”
3rd March 2017, 7:30am, BBC Radio 4, The Today Programme

Jim Gamble discusses ‘Paedophiles Unpublished’
3rd March 2017, 6:15am, 7:15am, Good Morning Britain

Leading child protection expert Jim Gamble reveals how parents can keep their children safe while online gaming
16th April 2017, Mirror

‘WE’VE MOVED BACKWARDS’ Top cop says lessons ‘have still not been learned’ after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann ten years ago 
29th April 2017, The Sun

“Lessons have not been learned from Madeleine McCann case” Jim Gamble discusses 
1st May 2017, Belfast Telegraph

Jim Gamble speaks about Adrian Dunbar’s description of the RUC as “secterian & oppresive”
2nd May 2017, BBC Radio Ulster

Madeline McCann: 10 Years on
3rd May 2017, Panorama, BBC iPlayer

McCanns still trolled online 10 years after Madeline disappeared – Jim Gamble discusses the disappearance & investigation of Madeline McCann
3rd May 2017, Sky News

Jim Gamble speaks to Talkback about the disappearance & investigation of Madeline McCann”
4th May 2017, BBC Radio Ulster

Online Trolling – Is it time to get tougher on the keyboard warriors? Jim Gamble Discusses
16th May 2017, Talkback, BBC iPlayer

For Too Long, Austerity Has Excused Cuts – Investing In Our Police Is Literally Critical, Jim Gamble Blog
4th June 2017, The Huffington Post

Jim Gamble calls for Dfe guidance to be updated after death of 4-year-old child prompts calls for review of school’s absence approach
6th June 2017, Schoolsweek.co.uk

Safeguarding beyond rhetoric
29 June 2017, Children & Young People Now

Police may keep track of just two in three sex offenders: Third could see home visits and assessments dropped as forces prioritise the most dangerous criminals
30 June 2017, The Daily Mail

Former CEOP head @JimGamble_INEQE calls for ‘digital constables’ to catch paedophiles.
6th July 2017, BBC Radio 5 Live

Calls for police to recruit ‘paedophile hunters’ to help child abusers
6 July 2017, Birmingham Mail

Jim Gamble: ‘We need to educate and empower survivors’
9th August 2017, Channel 4 News

Why Police Using A Convicted Child Rapist As An Informant Raises Legitimate Concerns And Questions
10th August 2017, HuffPost UK

Police in England pay child rapist ÂŁ10K to bring grooming gang to justice – but was it morally right?
10th August 2017, The Nolan Show, Radio Ulster

Operation Sanctuary: Police defend paying paedophile ÂŁ10,000 to infiltrate child-sex gang
10th August 2017, The Independent

Operation Sanctuary: Police say paying rapist ‘was right’
10th August 2017, BBC News

Concerns after Northern Ireland man confronted by ‘sexual predator hunters’ dies by suicide
10th August 2017, BBC News

Vigilante Paedophile Hunters Are Not The Answer – Instead We Need More Properly Trained Digital Detectives
19th September 2017, Huffington Post

Recruit paedophile hunters’says ex-CEOP boss Jim Gamble
21st September 2017, BBC News

The Gap Year Paedophile.
25th September 2017, BBC iPlayer

Paedophile Hunters
3rd October 2017, BBC Spotlight

Sex Offences and Noses, Jim Gamble speaks with Jeremy Vine.
9th October 2017, BBC Radio 2

Mum Identifies Child in Sex Abuse Video
10th October 2017, BBC News

Jim Gamble speaks to GMB about how social media is being used by young people to commit crimes
26th October 2017, Good Morning Britain

Jim Gamble speaks to Good Morning Ulster re the Home Secretaries statement on her intention to pressurise Social Media Companies
6th November 2017, Good Morning Ulster

Train Garda reserves to hunt online sex predators
28th November 2017, Irish Independent

The Rise of Live Streaming.
5th December 2017, Good Morning Britain (32 mins)

LISTEN! Paedophiles using live streaming to target victims
5th December 2017, Frank Mitchell Phone-In

Lorin Lafave and Jim Gamble 
15th January 2016, Talkback, BBC Radio Ulster

Probes into Northern Ireland children who share indecent pictures online halted 
18th January 2016, Belfast Telegraph

Surrey crime commissioner under fire for criticising new NCA chief 
2nd February 2016, The Guardian

PCC faces backlash as policing comes to aid of under-attack crime agency head 

2nd February 2016, Police Professional

Internet paedophiles being let off with just a warning
7th February 2016, Daily Mail

Stormont says no to changing abortion laws & should police automatically believe sex abuse complainants? Jim Gamble Discusses 
11th February 2016, BBC Radio Foyle

Warning over pornography ‘tidal wave’ on way to Northern Ireland 
12th February 2016, Newsletter

Four paedophiles convicted after sting operations by vigilantes
28th March 2016, The Guardian

Police question three-year-old suspected of sexually assaulting other children 
3rd April 2016, Daily Express

Toddler, 3, interviewed by police accused of sexually abusing other kids
3rd April 2016, Daily Star

Cops quiz tot, 3, for sex assault as kid ‘abuser’ probes double
3rd April 2016, The Sun

Michaella McCollum urged ‘to shun celebrity to prove remorse is real’ by ex-cop
5th April 2016, Belfast Telegraph

WhatsApp and the backdoor battle
6th April 2016, BBC News

Radical rethink to offer online paedophiles counselling to solve growing problem
22nd April 2016, the Telegraph

Paedophiles could be given counselling as online abuse problem ‘too big to solve’ 
22nd April 2016, The Times

Ronan Hughes’s family plan online safety campaign in his memory 
11th June 2016, Belfast Telegraph

I was stupid, says Armagh man as African blackmail gang puts nude pics online
2nd May 2016, Belfast Telegraph

Child protection, social media and criminal justice advisor Jim Gamble talks to Ryan about the latest online scam which is targeting married men via social media
3rd May 2016, The Ryan Tubridy Show by RTE

Jim Gamble – Cyber Blackmail 
5th May 2016, The Ryan Tubridy Show by RTE on iTunes

Adam Owens death: Son’s memory ‘tainted by misleading story’ Jim Gamble comments
20th May 2016, BBC News

BBC Newsline
20th May 2016, BBC Newsline

Three cases of ‘sextortion’ are reported to PSNI every week 
28th May 2016, The Irish News

Peter Coulter investigates how many children, separated from their families after fleeing their home countries, have disappeared in Northern Ireland. Jim Gamble comments.
31st May 2016, BBC Spotlight

BBC Good Morning Ulster 
1st June 2016, BBC Good Morning Ulster

BBC News Channel 1 – Richard Huckle Paedophile Sentencing
1st June 2016, BBC Newsline

BBC 5live – Richard Huckle facing life sentences for Malaysia Child Abuse
1st June 2016, BBC 5Live

Crime agency accused of ignoring prolific paedophile’s church activity 
3rd June 2016, The Times

Teens targeted on Tinder, Good Morning Britain
10th June 2016, ITV Player

Government funded set up of young teen dating app
15th June 2016, BBC Newsline

Surprise over Church abuse inquiry head’s three months ahead
4th August 2016, Premier

Anger at inquiry judge’s absence
4th August 2016, The Times

Abuse inquiry judge is urged to replay ‘grotesque’ salary package
6th August, 2016, The Times

Jim Gamble discusses sexting advice for parents on Good Morning Britain
16th August, Good Morning Britain, ITV Player

Abuse inquiry judge is urged to replay ‘grotesque’ salary package
6th August, 2016, The Times

Jim Gamble talking about hate crime 
17th August, 2016, BBC Radio Ulster

Mums who hunt paedophiles, Jim Gamble discusses
12th September, 2016, Good Morning Britain

‘CREATE CITIZEN ARMY OF PAEDO HUNTERS’ Ex-police chief Jim Gamble urges Home Office to make cops officially team up with ‘paedophile vigilantes’ 
12th September, 2016, The Sun

Jim Gamble calls for funding for ‘paedophile hunters’ 
14th September 2016, Belfast Telegraph

Should the Government fund amateur paedophile hunters?
15th September, 2016, The Nolan Show

Hannah Paul’s response to a victim sharing her story of online grooming
20th September 2016, Good Morning Ulster, at 1:06:22

City of London, Review of the effectiveness of the Local Safeguarding Children
20th September 2016, Ofsted

Keeping children safer online
Inpartnership Issue 34, October 2016, Policing & Community Safety Partnerships

Don’t criminalise kids for mutual ‘sexting’, says NI child expert
1st November 2016, Belfast Telegraph

Scottish FA backs NSPCC helpline on child abuse in football
25th November 2016, BBC Scotland

Police probe claims of historical sex abuse at Northern Ireland football clubs
6th December 2016, Belfast Telegraph

With Leon Brittan gone, we’ll never know about the ‘child abuse dossier’ 
23rd January 2015, The Guardian

BBC Radio 4, Any Questions?
20th February 2015, BBC Radio 4

Digital Surveillance – Big Brother Plans to be announced by Queen Elizabeth Speech ‎in UK 13th February 2015, Youtube

Jim Gamble discusses the limits of a ‘right to privacy
23rd February 2015, BBC Radio Ulster, The Nolan Show

Police Forces Lose Track of 396 Sex Offenders 
10th March 2015, Sky News

Message from Jim Gamble, former Head of CEOP
29th April 2015, The White Flower Campaign

The Paedophile Hunter
24th May 2015, 60 Minutes Australia

BBC Radio Ulster, Net dangers for children highlighted – Jim Gamble comments
9th June 2015, BBC Radio Ulster

Online crime gangs ‘prey on fear’ to target men around the world 
11th June 2015, BBC News

Dad speaks out about Cyprus ‘abduction bid’ 
19th Jun 2015, UTV

“The government needs to do more to tackle and prevent indecent images of children online.” – Jim Gamble 
10th August 2015, Victoria Derbyshire

Gareth Williams: Ex-chief defends online centre’s investigation
14 April 2014, BBC News Wales

Jim Gamble: Ex- Ceop boss joins Labour Party in Northern Ireland 
30th September 2015, BBC News

Met Police raise ‘serious concerns’ over Panorama programme – Jim Gamble discusess 
13th October 2015, BBC Radio Ulster, The Nolan Show

Online Grooming: New trends in online sexual abuse 
29th October 2015, International Buisness Times

Internet Safety – The blame game won’t help but new thinking might 
4th November 2015, LinkedIn

Minutes of Oral evidence from Jim Gamble, INEQE, on possible legislative changes to improve online protection for children 
5th November 2015, NI Assembly

Married Premier League star ‘sent naked pictures to school girl just hours after meeting her’ 
29th November 2015, Daily Record

Mystery Premier League footballer in hot water after sending SCHOOLGIRL raunchy pics
29th November 2015, Daily Star

Crime agency in row over shocking anti-drug images 
4th December 2015, The Times

Correspondence relating to Possible Legislative Changes to Improve On-Line Protection for Children 
5th November 2015, NI Assembly

Police talk to 18-year-old girl targeted by Premier League ace who sent her snaps of his manhood 
6th December 2015, The Sun

Internet facilitating global child abuse
16 January 2014, CNN

April Jones’ parents: We’ve been ‘hoodwinked’ by David Cameron over online child abuse images
28 March 2014, 5 News

Jim Gamble criticises government over online abuse images
28 March 2014, 5 News

David Healy helps launch Safeguarding in Sport App
4 April 2014, Irish FA

IFA Child Welfare Department launch child protection app
7 April 2014, Belfast Newsletter

13 April 2014, 3 FM Radio

Lisa Bunting, from Queen’s University, who has studied female sex offenders and the child protection expert Jim Gamble discuss the implications of the abuse case.
14 April 2014, UTV Live Tonight

Should defendants in sex offence cases have their identities protected? Christine Hamilton & Jim Gamble discuss
14 April 2014, BBC Radio Ulster

Isle of Man Constabulary’s latest recruit will be on the virtual beat 24 hours a day
12 May 2014, IOM Constabulary Press Release

Hundreds of kids cyber crime victims: Police and parents need to adapt
13 May 2014, Belfast Telegraph

‘Virtual policing’ scheme launched
14 May 2014, IOM Today

Jim Gamble: ‘I was under threat but was more fearful for my family’
19 May 2014, Belfast Telegraph

Child abuse probe criticised for ‘relying on amateurs’
14 July 2014, ITV News

Child abuse image investigation leads to 660 arrests
16 July 2014, BBC News

Paedophile probe: 14 Northern Ireland arrests ‘just the tip of iceberg’
17 July 2014, Belfast Telegraph

The Paedophile Hunter 
1st October 2014, Channel 4

Paedophile hunters: the vigilantes taking the law into their own hands 
11th November 2014, The Guardian

Pupils and parents warned over social network website linked to teen abuse
13 January 2013, The Mail Online

Pupils and parents warned over Ask.fm social networking website – linked to teen abuse
15 January 2013, Schools Improvement Net

Jim Gamble and Fionola Meredith on if defendants in rape cases should have their identities protected

February 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Father loses injunction bid against Facebook

February 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Former senior police officer Jim Gamble defends PSNI handling of flag protests

February 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Ineqe Group Ltd, Safe and Secure
12 February 2013, Ulster Business

Don’t get left behind
5 March 2013, Belfast Telegraph

Former senior police officer says PSNI should be supported after First Minister criticism

March 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Paedophile runs baby website: Child porn fiend claims police gave him permission for site
6 April 2013, The Mirror

Jim Gamble former head of CEOP, Child Exploitation & Online Protection agency, on his concerns about National Crime Agency

May 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Reaction to the 21 hour wait for PSNI response to a man acting suspiciously around children in Rathcoole.
May 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

What role did the internet play in April Jones case?’
30 May 2013, Channel 4 News

We Need Web Cops to Keep Our Kids Safe
9 June 2013, The Sun

Internet companies face pressure to block child abuse images
18 June 2013, The Financial Times

Why the debate over blocking child abuse images is misleading
18 June 2013, ITV News

New internet agreement ‘does not deal with root cause’
18 June 2013, ITV News

Cameron wants to use legislation to force search engines to stop users accessing images of child sex abuse online.

22 July 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Child protection expert questions Cameron’s claims
22 July 2013, 5 News

Cameron targets online pornography
22 July 2013, Channel 4 News

Child porn: ‘real deterrent needed’
22 July 2013, BBC Radio 4

Hi-tech firm takes fight to crime the 21st century way
23 July 2013, the Belfast Telegraph

Hannah Smith’s death shows we must tackle the cruel trolls who leave their victims with nowhere to hide
6 August 2013, the Mirror

Hunting Child Pornographers
7 August 2013, BBC World Service

Boycott ask.fm
8 August 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Should parents boycott websites where children are bullied?
8 August 2013, 5 News

Major advertisers quit ask.fm following teen’s suicide
9 August 2013, ITV News

Jim Gamble, child protection expert, reacts to recent comments from Eddie Shah on rape victims.

13 August 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Can befriending sex offenders reduce the risk of reoffending?
8 September 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Savile probe cops to speak in Belfast on Child Abuse
9 September 2013, Belfast Daily

US Marshals psychologist Dr Michael Bourke on links between indecent images and child abuse

9 September 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Savile researcher at abuse conference in Belfast
9 September 2013, BBC News

Child protection expert: Don’t target Google to stop abuse
10 September 2013, Independent

Google was singled out by Prime Minister in Government drive to stop online child porn ‘because it doesn’t pay enough tax’, claims expert
11 September 2013, The Mail Online

Child abuse internet warnings are nonsensical, says Ceop expert
11 September 2013, The Times

Jim Gamble argues people accused of sexual offences should be granted anonymity until convicted.

12 September 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Child protection expert Jim Gamble on care home investigation

16 September 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

UTV Live Tonight – Debate
17 September 2013, UTV Live

Who are vigilante group Letzgo Hunting?
19 September 2013, BBC News Magazine

Child protection expert Jim Gamble discusses investigation into the abuse of children in care

19 September 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Madeleine McCann: Phone records may hold key, UK police say
4 October 2013, BBC News

Madeleine McCann’s abductors should beware, the police will not give up
14 October 2013, The Guardian

Madeleine McCann – ‘Context: is Key’, says Former CEOP Chief Exec
14 October 2013, BBC News

Jim Gamble reacts to the news that Google are to put a block on child porn
17 November 2013, BBC 5 Live

Google Child Abuse Image Block ‘Not Enough’
18 November 2013, Sky News

Search engine abuse block ‘will make no difference’
18 November 2013, BBC News

Former Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre CEO Jim Gamble on new internet filters

18 November 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Google and Microsoft agree to block child abuse searches
18 November 2013, The Express

Online child abuse: The real problem is the people
18 November 2013, ITV

Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins case: Ex-Ceop head warns others may slip through net
27 November 2013, BBC Wales