Last Updated on 30th April 2020

Nintendo Switch users are being prompted to secure their accounts following reports of hacking and fraud. The message is being circulated to those who use their Nintendo account to buy games from the platforms online shop. Since its launch over 53 million consoles have been sold worldwide.

What’s going on?

  • Fraudsters have been able to access PayPal accounts linked to Nintendo accounts

  • They have been using these details to make purchases of in game currencies

  • Some are reporting high value purchases of ‘V-Bucks’ (Fornite’s virtual currency) which are in some cases being advertised and resold

  • Users have claimed that the attack may be linked to Nintendo’s older account system

What can you do?

  • Switch on 2 Factor Authentication immediately on the settings page (this means you need an additional code as well as your password to access your account)

  • Check Have I been Pwned to see if your password or email has been found in a data breach

  • Support young people to change passwords and secure their account

  • Remember that longer passwords are stronger

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