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Parental Control Apps – Online Safety Review


Children and young people can spend a significant amount of their time using devices and exploring the online world. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this – it’s a place for them to socialise, to play, and to learn. However, with Ofcom reporting that 9 in 10 children in the UK will

Parental Control Apps – Online Safety Review2022-09-27T13:07:28+01:00

A Review of Harmful Content Online


It is not difficult to imagine harmful or abusive behaviours being present on social media. What can be challenging to deal with is the presence of popular online personalities or influencers who become well-known and even famous for exhibiting this behaviour over online platforms. This is especially concerning when

A Review of Harmful Content Online2022-09-27T12:10:00+01:00

Scam alert, iSO16 update and safeguarding news


Read the script below Welcome to this week’s Safeguarding Soundbites – the virtual place to get news and updates about the online space! Today, I’ll be bringing you the past week’s top stories on safeguarding, and sharing what our online safety experts here at Ineqe Safeguarding Group

Scam alert, iSO16 update and safeguarding news2022-09-16T15:56:52+01:00

Apple iOS 16 update: Online safety review


Apple have released the latest updates for their devices, with iOS 16 live since September 12th, 2022. With features added to aid parents and carers in safeguarding their children, such as improvements to safety features and parental controls, our Online Safety Experts have

Apple iOS 16 update: Online safety review2022-09-27T11:15:42+01:00

Scam Alert – The ‘Hi Mum’ WhatsApp Scam


We have recently become aware of an increase in a phishing scam, often known as ‘Hi Mum’. The scam involves the impersonation of friends or family members, and can be conducted through text message or an instant messaging service, such as WhatsApp.Our Scam Alert will help you understand what the scam is,

Scam Alert – The ‘Hi Mum’ WhatsApp Scam2022-09-12T14:24:38+01:00

Online Challenges, Suicide Prevention Day and More


Read the script below Hello and welcome back to another Safeguarding Soundbites, with me Colin Stitt, Head of Safer Schools at INEQE Safeguarding Group. This is your weekly round-up of all this week’s safeguarding news, plus a summary of our safeguarding expert’s latest advice and guidance on

Online Challenges, Suicide Prevention Day and More2022-09-09T14:58:33+01:00

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022


After a consultation period that ran from January 2022 to March 2022, Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2022 was released on the GOV.UK website on May 20th, 2022. This guidance came into effect on the September 1st, 2022 and will replace the previous Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe in Education 20222022-09-07T09:54:24+01:00

A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat Family Center


89% of the UK’s internet users know what Snapchat is. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms and is widely used by young people to send ‘disappearing’ pictures, videos, and messages. Parents and carers have been asking the platform for more parental controls for

A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat Family Center2022-09-02T12:49:42+01:00

The Back-to-School Need to Knows


Going back to school can be an exciting time for carers, parents and pupils alike, but it can also be a challenging period, full of uncertainties and unknowns. In this guide to the back-to-school need-to-knows, we take a look at some of those concerns from the perspective

The Back-to-School Need to Knows2022-09-01T16:08:40+01:00

BeReal: Your Online Safety Guide


The way children and young people use social media is changing. Ofcom reported earlier this year that younger generations are posting less on popular platforms like YouTube and Instagram because they are dominated by superficial posts from influencers and celebrities. Children and young people want to engage with

BeReal: Your Online Safety Guide2022-08-26T13:27:23+01:00
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