Helpful advice is now only a screen-tap away!

The Fostering in a Digital World app is a go-to guide that fits right in your pocket.

‘Fostering in a Digital World’ App has been created as a resource and training tool for social workers, kinship foster carers and non-kinship foster carers.

The app allows users to see a range of activities and updates and you can log-in to access specific advice and functions that provide guidance on how to navigate safely through the digital environment.

You can register yourself an account directly from the app, or your admin can create one for you at your request. Your login gives you access to both the app & the browser.

Overall, use of this app ensures that foster carers will be able to pass on the knowledge and skills gained to empower our children and young people to better protect themselves in the online world.

The app uses an innovative platform that has been developed specifically for and with foster carers in an initiative across HSC Northern Ireland Foster Care, in partnership with INEQE Safeguarding Group.

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