Safer Schools Media Kit

Created in partnership with Zurich Municipal, the Safer Schools App has been designed by safeguarding specialists to educate, empower and engage the whole school community.

Specifically, the app creates an environment where the responsibility for the safeguarding of children and young people is shared. Advice on how to stay safer online such as passwords, social media and bullying is shared through language and videos tailored specifically to separate roles; Staff, Parents/Carers and Pupils.

The package comprises of three core safeguarding elements:

  • A Training Voucher
  •  h2b® Safer Resources
  • The Safer Schools App

Through cost effective safeguarding training, relevant and credible resources and contemporary advice, the Safer Schools package creates a virtuous safety bond across the entire school community.

Intrigued? Want to know more? Download the Media Kit here:



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Chief Operations Officer

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Media Archive

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Media Archive 2018

77 ‘paedophile hunter’ cases investigated by the PSNI
10th January 2018, BBC News

‘Paedo Hunters not a solution.. More police are.’ Article by Jim Gamble
13th January 2018, The Mirror

Open season on paedophiles in Ireland
14th January 2018, The Sunday Times

Jim Gamble discusses the Crackdown on Vigilante ‘Paedophile Hunters’
16th January 2018, Good Morning Britain

Ex-police chief wants masquerading as a child online made an offence
23rd January 2018, Rhyl, Prestatyn & Abergele Journal

Former anti child abuse enforcer calls for curb on online vigilante activity
23rd January 2018, Belfast Newsletter

Media Archive 2017

Media Archive 2016

Media Archive 2015

Media Archive 2014

Media Archive 2013

Pupils and parents warned over social network website linked to teen abuse
13 January 2013, The Mail Online

Pupils and parents warned over social networking website – linked to teen abuse
15 January 2013, Schools Improvement Net

Jim Gamble and Fionola Meredith on if defendants in rape cases should have their identities protected

February 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Father loses injunction bid against Facebook

February 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Former senior police officer Jim Gamble defends PSNI handling of flag protests

February 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Ineqe Group Ltd, Safe and Secure
12 February 2013, Ulster Business

Don’t get left behind
5 March 2013, Belfast Telegraph

Former senior police officer says PSNI should be supported after First Minister criticism

March 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Paedophile runs baby website: Child porn fiend claims police gave him permission for site
6 April 2013, The Mirror

Jim Gamble former head of CEOP, Child Exploitation & Online Protection agency, on his concerns about National Crime Agency

May 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Reaction to the 21 hour wait for PSNI response to a man acting suspiciously around children in Rathcoole.
May 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

What role did the internet play in April Jones case?’
30 May 2013, Channel 4 News

We Need Web Cops to Keep Our Kids Safe
9 June 2013, The Sun

Internet companies face pressure to block child abuse images
18 June 2013, The Financial Times

Why the debate over blocking child abuse images is misleading
18 June 2013, ITV News

New internet agreement ‘does not deal with root cause’
18 June 2013, ITV News

Cameron wants to use legislation to force search engines to stop users accessing images of child sex abuse online.

22 July 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Child protection expert questions Cameron’s claims
22 July 2013, 5 News

Cameron targets online pornography
22 July 2013, Channel 4 News

Child porn: ‘real deterrent needed’
22 July 2013, BBC Radio 4

Hi-tech firm takes fight to crime the 21st century way
23 July 2013, the Belfast Telegraph

Hannah Smith’s death shows we must tackle the cruel trolls who leave their victims with nowhere to hide
6 August 2013, the Mirror

Hunting Child Pornographers
7 August 2013, BBC World Service

8 August 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Should parents boycott websites where children are bullied?
8 August 2013, 5 News

Major advertisers quit following teen’s suicide
9 August 2013, ITV News

Jim Gamble, child protection expert, reacts to recent comments from Eddie Shah on rape victims.

13 August 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Can befriending sex offenders reduce the risk of reoffending?
8 September 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Savile probe cops to speak in Belfast on Child Abuse
9 September 2013, Belfast Daily

US Marshals psychologist Dr Michael Bourke on links between indecent images and child abuse

9 September 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Savile researcher at abuse conference in Belfast
9 September 2013, BBC News

Child protection expert: Don’t target Google to stop abuse
10 September 2013, Independent

Google was singled out by Prime Minister in Government drive to stop online child porn ‘because it doesn’t pay enough tax’, claims expert
11 September 2013, The Mail Online

Child abuse internet warnings are nonsensical, says Ceop expert
11 September 2013, The Times

Jim Gamble argues people accused of sexual offences should be granted anonymity until convicted.

12 September 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Child protection expert Jim Gamble on care home investigation

16 September 2013, BBC Radio Ulster

Media Archive 2011

Police crackdown on prostitution victims,
24 November 2011, UTV Live News

Media Archive 2010

Profile: Jim Gamble,
5 October 2010, BBC News

Media Archive 2009

Special report – Internet Safety
23 April 2009, BBC Newsline

Just one click to prevent child abuse
18 November 2009, The Guardian

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