The scenarios depicted in the cards are inspired by real case studies involving the use of social media.  The interactive learning experience they facilitate is configured to provide participants with a safe but credible insight into the challenges associated with safeguarding in a digital world.

Home Screen

Katie’s Home Screen

This card introduces you to a typical home screen of a young person displaying a range of apps from high to no risk.

Learning Topics include:

  • Popular Social Media platforms
  • Decoy apps
  • Live streaming platforms


Katie’s Profile

Katie’s Facebook profile card introduces you to the concept of social media profiles. They usually feature a name, some information and images. This popular platform shares personal information such as school, home time, date of birth and relationship status, unless strict privacy settings are applied.

Learning Topics include:

  • Basic structure of a generic profile
  • Sharing personal information publicly
  • Privacy Settings

Katie’s Friends List

Showing a seemingly typical friends list, this card shows Katie’s Facebook Friends, with some glaring risks.

Learning Topics include:

  • Suspicious Indicators
  • Mutual Friends
  • Profile Photographs

Katie’s Newsfeeds

These cards feature examples from a typical newsfeed and portray common features found on feeds.

Learning Topics include:

  • Hashtags
  • Reactions, likes and comments
  • Cross-platform sharing
  • Privacy settings on posts
  • Bullying via memes
  • Anonymous messaging
  • Voice calling via Messenger


Katie’s Chats

This card shows Katie’s Snapchat messages and contacts.

Learning Topics include:

  • Stories
  • Streaks
  • Best Friend Emojis
  • Snapshotting and Replaying
  • Suspicious Indicators

Katie’s Snap Map

This card shows Snap Maps. Snap Maps shows your Snapchat friends locations in a real world map. It also shows people doing certain things such as driving, shopping, flying etc.

Learning Topics include:

  • Sharing GPS Location
  • Snap Map movement features
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Katie’s Snapchat Story

This card shows a Snapchat story. Key features include car number plates, accidentally sharing your location, screenshots and sharing information.

Learning Topics include:

  • Sharing personal information
  • Adding text to a story
  • Views
  • Screenshots

Katie’s Snapchat Story

This card shows Katie’s Snapchat settings.

Learning Topics include controlling who can:

  • Contact you
  • View your story
  • See your location


Katie’s Profile

This card shows Katie’s Instagram Profile.

Learning Topics:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Follower/Following Ratio
  • Saving stories (highlights)
  • Sharing personal information

Katie’s Feed

This card shows Katie’s Instagram Feed.

Learning Topics:

  • Live Streaming
  • Image Tagging
  • Geolocation Tagging
  • ‘Rumour’ Accounts

Conor’s Profile

This card shows Conor’s Instagram Profile.

Learning Topics include:

  • Using business accounts
  • Stories on Instagram
  • Personal Information
  • Underage drinking


Conor’s Group Chat

This card shows Conor’s WhatsApp group chat called “The Lads”.

Learning Topics:

  • Deleted messages
  • Voice messages
  • Image sharing

Conor’s Messages

This card shows Conor’s WhatsApp message list.

Learning Topics:

  • How to tell if a message has been read
  • Indicators of unread messages
  • Indicator of suicide risk
  • Group Chats


Red Safety Cards

This collection of cards signposts to major people in young people’s lives, charities and safeguarding organisations.