Season One: Episode One

Welcome to the first ever episode of the new monthly show for young people that’s all about online safety.

In episode one, we take a look at what’s been hitting the headlines, hit the streets of Belfast to get your thoughts on online challenges, and Natalie sits down with online safety expert Hannah Paul to talk about all things AI.

Season One: Episode Two

Each episode, we’ll be talking about the top online safety news, topics and trends that matter to you, speaking to experts in digital and online safety, and getting good advice that you can use to stay safer online.

In episode two we’re talking about the pressure to buy, hearing a top tip from our tech-spert Ryan and finding out what you had to say about mobile phone bans in schools.


Taking Part in Online Challenges and Trends

Understand the risks of online challenges and trends and share positive vibes online✌️

Navigating the Pressure
to Buy

Navigate the pressure to buy, question the hype and spot when you’re being sold to 🧐