Who is the training for?

Front-line safeguarding individuals working directly with children and young people and those from a range of other sectors, where their work brings them into contact with children and families.

Why is it useful?

Safeguarding training for individuals is useful because it focuses on contemporary practical issues placed in the context of young peoples lives. The content of each course is designed to help you develop your existing skills and abilities as well as to provide you with a credible insight into emerging trends and themes. If you work with children, young people or vulnerable adults we have a course that will both challenge, educate and empower you.

Once you have registered for a course, please check your email (and spam) for joining instructions. If you have not received joining instructions, please contact us at [email protected]

“I messaged my DSL halfway through the training to say how we needed to get this information across to our kids and our staff. I have learnt so much!! Thank you!”


“The takeaways were the most valuable, particularly tips on how to speak to a young person about online harms.”


“Multi-agency discussions of scenarios were really interesting – there’s still a lot of misunderstandings amongst professionals. It was useful to dispel some myths.”


“Best course I’ve been on for a long time… the chance to ask challenging questions and learn from your experience was unmatched in any other training I’ve attended.”


“The training was fantastic. It is one of the best training sessions that I have attended. It was very informative and relates directly to my area of work.”


“I liked the way you integrated case studies and procedures from our local area. You also signposted us to local support so we know where to go for relevant information.”


Deputy Head Teacher Mike Jamieson shares his thoughts on our SSNAP Workshop.

Our courses can be accessed virtually via Microsoft teams, through our iAcademy platform and via face-to-face training For group bookings or to discuss a training session bespoke to you, please contact us through +44 (0) 28 90 232 060 or through the booking form below.

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Are you a Safer School?

If you are a Safer School insured with our partner Zurich municipal and have your full package of insurance, Please contact your Safer Schools Admin in your school to get a discount code to get this training for FREE!

We are proud to be an Approved Centre with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

As an Approved Centre with ILM we offer specialist qualifications in leadership and management, helping organisations gain the best leadership skills possible through trusted, quality assured training.

Our CPD Training enables you to develop the skills and knowledge to further you profession.

Many of our courses carry Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation, providing you reassurance that the training meets a widely recognised benchmark.

We have a partnership with Zurich Municipal, a leading provider of insurance to UK public services.

If your local authority, school or charity are insured by Zurich Municipal you are entitled to FREE safeguarding Apps and discounts on training courses and safeguarding reviews. Call +44 (0) 2890 232 060 to check if you qualify.

Live Webinar - Staying Safe Online Advanced

Cyber Security


Date: Access from Thursday 5th October 2023
Training: 1 Month Access
Duration: 1 Hour
Price: £24
Platform: INEQE iAcademy

This is a CPD certified course that will enhance your knowledge of cyber security, including the importance of being cyber secure, protecting your organisation’s information and how to mitigate against potential threats and incidents. Gaining confidence in cyber security will help facilitate conversations aimed at increasing awareness and enhancing your organisation’s training, policies and procedures.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand threats to cyber security
  • Protect against vulnerabilities in your organisation
  • Identify types of attacks
  • Improve your response to potential dangers
Live Webinar - Staying Safe Online Advanced

Cyber Security


Date: Tuesday 7th November 2023
Time: 3PM
Duration: 1 Hour
Price: £42
Platform: Microsoft Teams

This CPD certified intermediate-level course is specifically tailored to schools, aiming to deepen your understanding of cyber security beyond the basics. It will expand your knowledge of cyber threats, security measures, and incident mitigation, all within the context of educational institutions. Gaining proficiency in cyber security is crucial for fostering discussions that promote heightened awareness and enhancing your school’s training, policies, and procedures.

Learning Objectives
  • Advanced Threat Awareness: Enhance your comprehension of diverse cyber threats, including sophisticated malware, phishing, and emerging risks, with a focus on the school environment.
  • Strengthening School Defences: Implement advanced security strategies tailored to your school’s unique needs to safeguard digital assets and protect students and staff.
  • Identifying School-Specific Attack Vectors: Acquire expertise in recognising different types of cyber attacks that may target educational institutions and understand their methodologies.
  • Effective School Incident Response: Improve your ability to respond swiftly and effectively to potential cyber dangers within a school setting, minimising disruption to learning and administrative functions.



Basics & Advanced

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