1409, 2020

Handling Harmful Content

Just like the real world, there are spaces, people, and places online which can be frightening or distressing for young people. Parents and policymakers have expressed concern at the sheer amount of inappropriate material that is freely accessible online,

1009, 2020

Talking to Young People About Suicide

If a young person in your care has an active suicide plan you should present with them to your nearest A&E for immediate support. According to Time to Change around 20% of people will experience suicidal feelings in

809, 2020

⚠️ Safeguarding ALERT ⚠️ – Viral TikTok Video

A recent video originating on Facebook Live depicting a man dying by suicide has made its way across popular social media platforms. We’re bringing you key facts and advice on how you can respond. When viral events happen information can

409, 2020

5 ways our training will transform your safeguarding practice

As we quickly become the ‘go-to’ provider for safeguarding training we have now launched our updated prospectus in response to your feedback for training to help you respond to safeguarding in our changing world. We know the challenges of

109, 2020

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020

What is KCSIE? It’s a document that outlines the statutory guidance for schools and colleges on safeguarding children and safer recruitment. Who should read it? All staff in schools and colleges should read at least part 1 of

2708, 2020

How to be Sensible on Social Media

The use of social media within an organisation can bring many benefits and opportunities. Used appropriately, it can reach out to an entire community and provide engaging and timely information. This is especially important today as we are

2608, 2020

Have you heard of these 4 platforms?

As part of our commitment to support safeguarding professionals to keep children safer, our online safety team continues to monitor the emerging apps and platforms that are seeing new interest

1408, 2020

Facebook Gaming: What you Need to Know

What is it? Facebook have officially rolled out their gaming platform as a brand new App. Facebook Gaming is a separate App to Facebook and is designed for users to stream their gameplay, whilst also watching their favourite

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