New Year, New Digital Resolutions


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Although you may have made your own new year resolutions (and if you’re like us, they’re probably very similar to last year!), why not consider making some family new year resolutions too? There’s no denying that the way we use tech continues

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25 Punny Phrases for Your Valentine


You are PUNbelievable! Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and the perfect day to remind your loved ones how much you care. Why not surprise someone you love with one of these puns? It could be your mum, dad, carer, brother, sister, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or simply

25 Punny Phrases for Your Valentine2024-06-25T16:35:17+01:00

What you need to know about Algorithms


What are algorithms? We all hear the word ‘algorithms’ in the news so often, and it’s normally in relation to social media. But what exactly is an ‘algorithm’? Algorithms are essentially instructions or procedures that allow computers to operate more effectively. In the online world, they are used to

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Insight into Influencers


An influencer is someone with an online social media presence and with a large enough following to market or ‘influence’ their audience to buy products, services and goods. The truth is that anyone can be an influencer, and some are famous solely for being an influencer. Popular influencers often create and sustain a

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