ABCs of Live Video Conferencing for Education and Engagement


As schools across the UK are warned to expect further disruptions due to staff shortages and pupil absences, many teachers, parents, and school staff will be preparing contingency plans for home learning.   To support you, we have updated our in-depth guidance and safety checklist on the safer use of platforms such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and GoToWebinar.   The guidance for

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What is Trolling?


Have you ever seen the term “troll” or “trolling” used on social media? If you look at the comment section of any controversial topic, you’ll likely find it. Trolling is typically used to irritate communities, fans of celebrity targets, or people who hold specific beliefs or positions of power. The seemingly anonymous nature of internet

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Activity Tracking Apps – Steps to Protect Your Privacy


Many of us have been turning to activity tracking apps to monitor our home-based or local workouts with gyms closed. These apps can be easily downloaded onto a device and track activities such as running routes - and associated statistics like running pace and time.  In a recent Digital Health Generation Study of 1,000 young

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Be Safer on TikTok


With over 1.5 billion downloads across 155 different countries, TikTok has soared in popularity. Some of you have recently got in touch to ask for more information about TikTok and its safety settings. To help you support the children and young people in your care, we have made a short video overview of

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Have you heard of these 4 platforms?


As part of our commitment to support safeguarding professionals to keep children safer, our online safety team continues to monitor the emerging apps and platforms that are seeing new interest from children and young people.  Below is a list of 4 platforms that we think

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Instagram Reels Launches in the UK


What is it? Instagram, which is very popular with young people, has officially launched their latest function ‘Reels’ in the UK. It’s the latest feature to be added to the platform and lets users create short 15 second videos with popular music, different filters and effects. It is largely considered to be Instagram’s

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International Friendship Day 2020


The 30th of July marks International Friendship Day – a day to celebrate our connections with the people in our lives. The day was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly and places emphasis on involving young people as future leaders and promoters of understanding and respect. It’s also a day to

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4 Things to Watch out for on TikTok


Our digital safeguarding team continually review and test social media platforms In the past week, they focused on TikTok, testing its safety features and the effectiveness of the platform’s ability to monitor and remove explicit content The team used a login of a 14 year old to see what content they

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Re-emergence of Online Challenges: what you need to know


You may have seen recent media reports about the re-emergence of online viral challenges. We monitor these closely to make sure our network has the information they need to protect children and young people online. In the last few weeks, we have seen reports of a reappearance of the Blue Whale Challenge.

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Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020


This week, the government published the update of ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ for September 2020. Due to the onset of Coronavirus, the consultation for this update was suspended in March. They have now published the full update with some key changes. We have highlighted 3 of the main changes you should be aware

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