Online Abuse and Inappropriate Content


According to the latest Online Nation report by Ofcom, only 14% of young people (13-17 years old) are reporting and flagging potentially harmful content or behaviour they see online. This article investigates why our children and young people aren’t reporting online abuse and inappropriate content and why we should all

Online Abuse and Inappropriate Content2022-06-24T16:41:53+01:00

State of the Nation – Understanding and supporting young people who identify as LGBTQ+


It's Pride Month in the UK, which marks the celebration of and focus on LGBTQ+ communities. It is also an important time to shed light on the difficult everyday situations which many young people who are exploring their sexuality or who identify as LGBTQ+ find themselves in. In 2021,

State of the Nation – Understanding and supporting young people who identify as LGBTQ+2022-06-20T09:22:12+01:00

Exam Stress: 5 Tips to Thrive This Exam Season


As children’s charity Childline recently announced that the number of counselling sessions they’ve delivered about exam stress to young people has doubled in the past seven months, we’ve created this guide to help you support the children and young people in your care who may be experiencing exam stress.  

Exam Stress: 5 Tips to Thrive This Exam Season2022-05-27T16:37:02+01:00

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022


Loneliness is something most of us feel at some point in our lives. According to the UK government, the older a person gets, the more likely they are to feel lonely ‘often or always’ – starting from childhood. This growing feeling of loneliness is something only added to by our

Mental Health Awareness Week 20222022-05-11T11:19:26+01:00

The Impact of Self-Help Apps on Children and Young People


There seems to be ‘an app for everything’ now. With the simple push of a button, we can now order our groceries, listen to an entire album, play complex videogames... The list is endless. It makes sense that some companies have begun to try and use this

The Impact of Self-Help Apps on Children and Young People2022-05-03T09:21:08+01:00

Young Carers and Isolation


The lifestyle of being a carer is often a lonely one and for young carers any isolation can be tough to cope with. In honour of Young Carers Action Day 2022, here’s our guide on how to spot, support and stand with the young carers in your

Young Carers and Isolation2022-04-07T13:09:12+01:00

Talking to Your Child About the War in Ukraine


As a global community, we have faced a turbulent few years, ruled chiefly by the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions it brought. Now as we enter Spring 2022, the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken over media attention and national concern. We live in a time

Talking to Your Child About the War in Ukraine2022-04-07T13:09:13+01:00

Influencers & Eating Disorders – Measuring the Influence


In the last few years, as the impact of social media influence continues to grow, there has been a growing concern over the link between influencers and eating disorders. Websites that encourage disordered eating have been around almost as long as the internet has existed. In the 90s, ‘pro-anorexia’ sites (often

Influencers & Eating Disorders – Measuring the Influence2022-03-07T09:29:44+00:00

Self-Harm and Peer Support


Over the course of the pandemic, mental health in the UK has worsened by 8.1%, with young people and women most affected as the groups who already had been struggling with mental health issues prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. We know from emerging research that self-harm referrals and presentations at

Self-Harm and Peer Support2022-03-07T09:45:38+00:00

Instagram’s New Features & Updates for 2022


As we get further into 2022, many of today’s top social media apps and platforms have started rolling out new features with the intention of protecting their users. Instagram’s new features mainly focus on screen time limits, account security, and content control - areas that its

Instagram’s New Features & Updates for 20222022-02-22T09:04:35+00:00
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