Safeguarding Update: Jeffy


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Our online safeguarding experts have received reports about a YouTube cartoon series called Jeffy. At first glance, the puppet-style cartoon could be mistaken for child-appropriate content. However, Jeffy is part of a wider trend of animated videos that may look child-friendly but

Safeguarding Update: Jeffy2024-04-19T12:43:32+01:00

Why Are Teachers Being Targeted on TikTok?


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Also referred to as teacher-targeted bullying, there’s been a stark and alarming rise in the online cyberbullying of teachers in recent years. Although it’s hard to pinpoint when teacher-targeted bullying began, the targeting of teachers is not necessarily a new concept. However,

Why Are Teachers Being Targeted on TikTok?2024-04-05T09:42:57+01:00

Safeguarding Alert: YOME LIVE


Safeguarding Alert A dangerous new App has come onto our radar, posing risks to children and young people – we’ve chosen not to reveal the App’s name to avoid driving traffic to the platform. Do you receive our Safeguarding Alerts?

Safeguarding Alert: YOME LIVE2021-12-09T15:48:57+00:00
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