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The digital world is 24/7; it’s outside and inside of the school gates, so you need a service that does the same. Your Schools Safeguarding App is a digital library of age-appropriate contextual safeguarding information and resources that you can check out anytime from your phone to your tablet.

Latest News and Hot Topics

Hot off our digital presses, our weekly articles, videos and resources are curated by our in-house experts and will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments, risks and practical, credible advice in digital safeguarding.

Safeguarding Prompts, Alerts and Warnings:

At Safer Schools we monitor and respond to real time current trends, issues and emerging safeguarding risks to young people online. We use our PAW (Prompts, Alerts and Warnings) system to responds to concerns, threats and dangers (e.g., the latest online challenges) by pushing notifications directly to users whenever appropriate.

We ensure school communities have access to reliable, age-appropriate information on risks , partnered with practical advice on how to respond effectively. Our RAG (Red, Amber, Green) system is designed to help you understand the level of the importance attached to every message.


Green Prompts relate to awareness raising initiatives, events or general information sharing notifications.


Amber Alerts relate to important information on specific contemporary issues that users face and are constructed in a manner consistent with needs of individual groups. Bespoke alerts can be sent to different audiences including school staff, teachers, parents and, when appropriate, pupils.


Red Warnings are used to inform safeguarding professionals, teachers and parents and carers of high-risk incidents, apps and platforms or worrying online trends that may require an immediate, balanced and informed response.

Your Daily Safeguarding News (DSN)

This daily roundup of safeguarding news curated by our dedicated research and safeguarding team, ensures you and your staff team are kept up to date. Delivered in a bite size format directly to your App, your DSN is available in print or audio format.

Online Safety Centre

All users will have access to the Online Safety Centre, where users can find guides on how to set parental controls, privacy, and safety settings. This includes step-by-step guides on how to block, mute, and report on popular online platforms.

Our Online Safety Content

Passwords, Home Safe and Device Safe, Age Restrictions, In-App Purchases, Safe Search Filters, Screen Smart, Stream Safe, and Translating Teens (only available to all adult roles). 
Understanding social media, Addiction and Social Media, Anonymous Messaging, Chat Apps, Decoy Apps, Disappearing Messaging, Buzzwords, and specific apps (e.g. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, etc.)
Gaming Risks, Privacy, Advice, Buzzwords, Esports, and specific games (e.g. Poppy Playtime, Fortnite, etc.)
Malware, Scams, and How to Report Scams.
Understanding their World, Social Media and the Law, Influencers, Fake News, Harmful Content, Online Reporting, Events in the News, and Persuasive Design.
Bullying, Indicators to Look Out For, Health Relationships, Online Friendships, Reconnecting in the Digital Age, Exam Pressure, and Getting Support. 
The Law, The Facts, What You Can Do, Sextortion, Sexual Exploitation, and Grooming.
Information Responsibility, Consent, Sharing, Screenshots, and Sharenting.
VR, The Metaverse, Replika, Deepfakes
Passwords, Trusted Adults, Games, TV / Video, and Safe Messaging Apps.
What is Harmful Content, Pornography and Sexualised Material, Self-Harm and Suicide, Violent and Extremist Content, Body Image, Self-Esteem, Deepfakes, and Synthetic Media.