Staff Professional Development Courses

Your School App provides licensed access to our CPD certified safeguarding courses.

These courses are available to all staff. They can be completed in-app or via our iAcademy platform. Your school leadership can alert users to read the Professional Development content and request completion of digital tests.

Examples of CPD accredited courses:

  • Safeguarding Level 1 and 3
  • Appropriate Use of Social Media
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Youth Produced Imagery

Interactive Quick Quizzes

Our topical quizzes are designed to be fun and engaging for users, whilst reinforcing learning and marking personal progress.

Digital Tests

Longform tests provide opportunities for knowledge application and all users receive a certification upon successful completion.

You will be able to prompt selected App users to complete a digital test as needed and all scores will be recorded and stored within your dedicated management portal, providing an audit trail of the learning achieved for internal or external inspection.

Your Ecosystem Management Portal

Your school account administrators will have licensed access to a customised management portal to administer your App and safeguarding services.

This includes the following functions: 

  • Create, send, and queue push notifications
  • Upload and share surveys
  • Review and export digital test results certificates
  • Generating group communication code
  • Manage App entry codes.
  • Engagement analytics
  • Add additional administrators
  • Update in-app customisations.
  • Signpost and link to additional Ecosystem services.


All our Apps are designed to comply with industry- standard accessibility. The App will be built to meet WCAG 2.0 AA Standard, from text alternatives, time-based media, adaptable and distinguishable use of text, captions, and colour to facilitate contrasting, audio and visual presentation needs as well as operable elements in terms of easily accessible navigation through buttons and text signposting.