Let’s Talk About Furries


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here The internet is a constantly changing global forum that is filled with many different types of communities. These communities often allow people to express themselves in a way that frees them from what they consider to be societal 'norms.' In

Let’s Talk About Furries2023-09-05T14:18:11+01:00

What is Yubo?


Children and young people across the world use a range of online platforms to communicate and find connection with others. One app is redesigning itself entirely around this idea. Yubo (formerly known as Yellow) now describes itself as a “platform that celebrates the true essence of being young” and encourages “you

What is Yubo?2023-09-27T10:50:56+01:00

Are People the Biggest Threat to Your Cyber Security?


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cyber security risks? Computer viruses? Password hacks? Vulnerabilities in tech and websites? Stories like the recent attack on UK schools by cybercrime group Vice Society remind us that the biggest threat to your cyber security is actually people…including you

Are People the Biggest Threat to Your Cyber Security?2022-10-14T10:08:12+01:00

New Year, New Digital Resolutions


Although you may have made your own new year resolutions (and if you’re like us, they’re probably very similar to last year!), why not consider making some family new year resolutions too? There’s no denying that the way we use tech continues to evolve. 2022 showed us there is no sign

New Year, New Digital Resolutions2023-09-27T10:39:11+01:00

Resources for Anti-Bullying Week 2022


For Anti-Bullying Week 2022, we’ve put together a collection of all our bullying-related resources. Below you’ll find articles on bullying, including tough topics such as what to do when your child is the bully, plus practical resources that can be used in the classroom and at home. What is Anti-Bullying Week? Anti-Bullying Week 2022 takes

Resources for Anti-Bullying Week 20222022-11-10T12:58:09+00:00

Cyber Security Awareness Month


For Cyber Security Awareness month, we’ve put together some handy resources for you! Check out our buzzwords shareable to help you keep up to date with all the latest cyber security terms and popular phrases. For schools, we have created a cyber security audit, designed to help you understand your

Cyber Security Awareness Month2022-10-18T15:53:48+01:00

World Mental Health Day: Talking to Young People about Mental Health


For World Mental Health Day 2022, we have compiled our best resources on mental health, along with some top tips for talking to young people about mental health. This year’s theme is “Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority”. Although not as taboo a subject as it once

World Mental Health Day: Talking to Young People about Mental Health2022-05-11T11:19:26+01:00

Dyslexia in a Digital World: Your Need-to-Know Guide


For Dyslexia Awareness Week 2022, we’ve put together a guide on this often-misunderstood learning difficulty. With this year’s theme being 'Breaking Through Barriers', we thought it was important to help bring some visibility to the barriers people with dyslexia face in education. Here is a simple overview of what dyslexia is,

Dyslexia in a Digital World: Your Need-to-Know Guide2023-09-27T10:23:59+01:00

Deleting Messages – An Online Safety Guide


Have you ever sent a message, and immediately wished you could unsend it? Many messaging options on popular platforms are starting to make this wish come true by offering a ‘deleting messages’ feature. Our online safety experts have taken a look at the various options to help parents and

Deleting Messages – An Online Safety Guide2023-09-27T10:16:16+01:00

Has Seesaw been hacked?


You may have heard about a recent cyberattack on the popular school platform, Seesaw. While there was misconception over whether this applied only to the United States, we have received reports that schools across the UK have been affected by this attack. What happened?

Has Seesaw been hacked?2023-09-27T09:53:39+01:00

Energy Bills Scam


We have recently been alerted to a new scam being circulated across the UK. This phishing scam involves a text message that links you to a fake UK government website to register for the energy bills discount scheme. Our Scam Alert will help you understand what the scam is, how to

Energy Bills Scam2023-09-27T09:51:54+01:00

Scam Alert – The ‘Hi Mum’ WhatsApp Scam


We have recently become aware of an increase in a phishing scam, often known as ‘Hi Mum’. The scam involves the impersonation of friends or family members, and can be conducted through text message or an instant messaging service, such as WhatsApp. Our Scam Alert will help you understand what the

Scam Alert – The ‘Hi Mum’ WhatsApp Scam2023-09-27T09:43:25+01:00

Responding to online challenges, trends, and hoaxes


When a viral challenge is reported in the news or on social media, it's often easier to consider the risks than establish the facts. Making the decision to issue guidance or warnings about challenges and hoaxes is often informed by the principle of ‘better safe than sorry’. While safeguarding responses to online harms are vital, the

Responding to online challenges, trends, and hoaxes2023-09-27T09:40:34+01:00

Talking to Young People About Suicide


If a young person in your care has an active suicide plan you should go with them to your nearest A&E for immediate support. #WorldSuicidePreventionDay World Suicide Prevention Day happens every year on September 10th. This year the theme is ‘Creating Hope Through Action’. The theme aims to suggest that all of our

Talking to Young People About Suicide2022-09-08T16:42:09+01:00

Random Acts of Online Kindness


For this year’s Random Acts of Kindness Day, we want to share some of our resources that can help take kindness beyond just today and into the everyday. We believe that by educating and empowering children and young people to be kinder online and offline, we can help create a

Random Acts of Online Kindness2022-02-16T14:42:42+00:00

Young People & Dating Apps: Trends and Risks


Bumble, Hinge, Badoo, Tinder. This may sound like a list of nonsensical words with no connection, but that is exactly what they all have in common – they are all about connection. These are just a few of today’s most popular dating apps. While many of

Young People & Dating Apps: Trends and Risks2023-09-26T14:18:19+01:00

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022


This week marks Children’s Mental Health Week across the UK. After nearly two full years of a pandemic, the newest research indicates it has taken a heavy toll on children’s mental health. Between the social impacts, education and home life adjustments, and the stress and uncertainties of

Children’s Mental Health Week 20222023-09-26T11:19:14+01:00

What is Locket?


After gaining fame through popular social media app TikTok, this iOS widget has been shooting up the App Store charts – but what is Locket and how does the Locket widget work? What is Locket? You may not have heard of

What is Locket?2023-09-26T11:12:55+01:00

Online Safety Trends, Risks, and Threats for 2022


Every new year sees new trends, risks, and threats to online safety emerge, especially for children and young people. This can seem overwhelming (and sometimes even frightening) if you feel like you’ve just got your head around the last new ‘thing’.  To help you stay ahead of

Online Safety Trends, Risks, and Threats for 20222023-03-31T11:22:50+01:00

Data Protection Day


Data Protection Day, also known as Data Privacy Day, is celebrated every year on January 28th. It’s a day to stop, assess, and reflect on how we share and protect our data and personal information, as well as consider how our data is being collected, stored, and

Data Protection Day2022-02-02T11:25:07+00:00

Safeguarding Alert – Slender Man


We’ve received recent reports of children as young as six discussing an online horror character called ‘Slender Man’. Our online safety experts have taken a deeper look at Slender Man to address any risks or red flags, as well as our top tips for parents, carers, and

Safeguarding Alert – Slender Man2023-09-26T11:05:07+01:00

What You Need to Know About…Replika


After two years of lockdowns and isolation, young people are feeling more isolated than ever before. As many continue to use the online world to seek support, we’re now seeing the mainstreaming of AI friends and support bots.   Keep reading to find out all about the newest chatbot on our radar, Replika. 

What You Need to Know About…Replika2023-09-26T12:50:47+01:00

Roblox: A Parents Guide to Protecting Children from Harmful Content


Header Image ©& TM 2022 Roblox Corporation. All Rights Reserved We have recently received multiple reports from parents and school staff about harmful content on gaming platform Roblox. To help you understand how to keep children and young people safe, we’ve created this important Roblox Parents Guide.  The latest reports we’ve received have outlined worrying accounts of younger children

Roblox: A Parents Guide to Protecting Children from Harmful Content2023-09-26T11:01:40+01:00

A Beginner’s Guide to NFTs


If you had just begun to wrap your head around cryptocurrencies and Deepfakes, we have news for you – there’s another online trend on the rise! The digital craze of NFTs has exploded in popularity over the last few months and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.  Our beginner’s guide

A Beginner’s Guide to NFTs2022-01-14T16:37:10+00:00

Instagram: Take a Break and Upcoming New Features


Do you know how much time you spend on social media? What about the children in your care? Instagram users may have noticed a recent addition to the app with the launch of the platform’s Take a Break feature. This opt-in feature will prompt users to ‘step away’ from the

Instagram: Take a Break and Upcoming New Features2023-09-26T10:14:37+01:00
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