Plague Doctor Update


Our Safeguarding Team have been made aware of several isolated reports of pranksters dressing up as 17th-century ‘plague doctors’ which has scared some children. What is a Plague Doctor? A plague doctor is a historical figure that dates back to the bubonic plague. They wore a black cloak and a crow

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Your Roundup of Recent Safeguarding Alerts


Since the pandemic there has been an increase in the amount of time young people are spending online. Our team of online safeguarding experts have been busier than ever monitoring the emerging trends, risks and threats to children and young people online. As schools make preparations to return to classroom-based learning, it’s now more

Your Roundup of Recent Safeguarding Alerts2023-09-28T12:56:16+01:00

Safeguarding ALERT – Dangerous Chat Rooms


We first alerted our networks and the public last year, to dangerous activities happening on Omegle. Following recurring press reports, and concerns from parents and safeguarding professionals, we’re again pushing this alert to our networks. Last year schools across the UK were warned about a well-known chat room. Some schools issued warnings to parents and carers urging

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⚠️ Safeguarding Alert: ‘Lesson Bombing’⚠️


This is a safeguarding alert following multiple reports of a new surge in ‘lesson bombing’ during remote learning classes at schools. We have been alerted to a recent trend in ‘online lesson bombing’ from police forces, members of Our Safer Schools Community, and news reports. In one area there have been 15 recent incidents

⚠️ Safeguarding Alert: ‘Lesson Bombing’⚠️2021-12-09T15:48:15+00:00

⚠️Urgent Safeguarding Alert: TikTok⚠️


What is this alert about? This safeguarding blog contains a TikTok alert for your immediate attention. We have been alerted to reports of the tragic death of a 10-year-old girl in Italy. It has been reported that she died after taking part in the so-called ‘blackout’ or ‘choke challenge’ on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

⚠️Urgent Safeguarding Alert: TikTok⚠️2021-12-09T15:51:56+00:00

⚠ Safeguarding Alert – Avakin Life ⚠


Why have you received this alert? We have been alerted to the risk of potential grooming and abuse on the Avakin Life platform by members of our network. Our online safeguarding experts have reviewed and tested the game, and discovered a number of potential risks to young people. The major risk is that

⚠ Safeguarding Alert – Avakin Life ⚠2021-12-10T16:52:34+00:00

⚠️ Urgent Safeguarding Alert ⚠️ – Viral Harmful Content


We’re sharing urgent concerns about conversations happening online on TikTok, about 'Megan is Missing’, a movie being discussed on social media and shared on YouTube. Our online safety experts have observed children and young people discussing the movie on TikTok and seeking out the link to the full film which now has over 4million

⚠️ Urgent Safeguarding Alert ⚠️ – Viral Harmful Content2021-12-10T16:47:28+00:00

⚠️ Safeguarding ALERT ⚠️ – Viral TikTok Video


A recent video originating on Facebook Live depicting a man dying by suicide has made its way across popular social media platforms. We’re bringing you key facts and advice on how you can respond. When viral events happen information can travel quickly, often before full details have emerged. You should note that details, videos and

⚠️ Safeguarding ALERT ⚠️ – Viral TikTok Video2021-12-09T15:48:49+00:00

Safeguarding Alert: YOME LIVE


Safeguarding Alert A dangerous new App has come onto our radar, posing risks to children and young people – we’ve chosen not to reveal the App’s name to avoid driving traffic to the platform. Do you receive our Safeguarding Alerts?

Safeguarding Alert: YOME LIVE2021-12-09T15:48:57+00:00

Safeguarding ALERT: UNICO LIVE App


UNICO LIVE is the latest app to come onto our radar, which poses significant risks to children and young people. We’ve put together the features, risks and what you can do to protect children and young people in your care. WHAT IS UNICO LIVE? Released in April this year, UNICO LIVE is a

Safeguarding ALERT: UNICO LIVE App2021-12-10T14:17:34+00:00
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