Santa’s Guide to Safer Livestreaming


After these last two years, one type of online socialising has taken over how people from all over the world interact with one another at the same time. ‘Livestreaming’ happens when a video is broadcast and received in real-time over the internet. It’s the closest we can get to in-person

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Twitch: The World’s Leading Live-Streaming Gaming Platform


Date Published: 21st May, 2021 If you have a gamer in your household, chances are you’ve heard the word “Twitch” being used. The name sounds fun, age-appropriate, and harmless and it would be easy to assume it is a type of game or a new slang word. In reality, Twitch is a far more

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Among Us: Your Go-To Guide to the Game Everyone’s Talking About


Date Published: 14th May,2021 Among Us is an online multiplayer game with over 300 million monthly active users which has become hugely popular among children and young people. Although the game has been around since 2018, its popularity skyrocketed during the summer of 2020 due to lockdown restrictions and after several famous gaming live streamers played it on their channels.  But what is it? How

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Instagram Live Rooms


 This new feature is currently being rolled out, as it becomes available our online safety experts will provide updates on the new function.   What's Happening? Instagram is rolling out a new feature called ‘Live Rooms’, which will allow users to ‘go live’ and broadcast with up to 3 other people to their audience. This new feature

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Facebook Gaming: What you Need to Know


What is it? Facebook have officially rolled out their gaming platform as a brand new App. Facebook Gaming is a separate App to Facebook and is designed for users to stream their gameplay, whilst also watching their favourite streamers play the most popular video games. Although it is a seperate App, it can

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17% increase in children Livestreaming since the lockdown – Who’s Watching Yours?


Whilst most of us are locked down in our homes, there may be a tendency to think that simply because we know exactly where they are, our children and young people are somehow safer. Sadly, the truth is they might not be. We know children are spending more time online than

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Safeguarding ALERT: UNICO LIVE App


UNICO LIVE is the latest app to come onto our radar, which poses significant risks to children and young people. We’ve put together the features, risks and what you can do to protect children and young people in your care. WHAT IS UNICO LIVE? Released in April this year, UNICO LIVE is a

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