25 Punny Phrases for Your Valentine


You are PUNbelievable! Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and the perfect day to remind your loved ones how much you care. Why not surprise someone you love with one of these puns? It could be your mum, dad, carer, brother, sister, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or simply

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Volunteers’ Week 2021


To mark #VolunteersWeek, Ineqe Safeguarding Group's CEO Jim Gamble, thanks volunteers throughout the UK who give up their spare time to help support causes and praises the work of the NSPCC-run Childline service. Join our Safeguarding Hub Newsletter Network Members of our network receive weekly updates

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Who are your Trusted Adults?


Our in house education team has produced a brand new set of resources for school and home learning. We’ve included important information on how children and young people can identify and reach out to Trusted Adults - the people who they can turn to in times of worry, stress or crisis. Resources include posters,

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What are you thankful for? Gratitude Journal Printable


It's Mental Health Awareness Week, which means it's the perfect time to check in with ourselves and others. But, it's important we don’t forget, we need to be aware of our mental health every week! That’s why we, at Ineqe Safeguarding Group, have made a Gratitude Journal for young people at home (and young

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5 ways you can use tech to learn a language


All across the UK, people are taking up new indoor hobbies such as baking, knitting and even learning a new language. Learning a language improves our brainpower, memory and makes our minds sharper. It’s a perfect way to keep your brain engaged and healthy during the lockdown. It’s also a powerful way to connect

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This is why your connection may be slow, right now!


A lot of us are spending more time at home at the moment, practicing what is now known as social or physical distancing from others. Like everyone else, you’re probably using the internet much more than you usually do and for longer periods of time. So, you are probably experiencing

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Should you stream it?


Broadcasting live can be a really fun way of sharing a moment with your friends and family but you need to be careful because it's easy to get in trouble or make a mistake. Always, think before you broadcast! If you're not sure whether you should

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Gaming Buzzwords


Fortnite, FIFA, Minecraft and PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) are just some of the games that children in your care might be playing on their mobile phones, tablets & gaming consoles. While we recommend that parents and carers familiarise themselves with the games that children are playing, it can be hard to decipher the gaming language that

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What is Twitch?


Twitch is a platform used by gamers for live-streaming. Gamers can live-stream the game that they’re playing, along with a video feed of themselves. Users can follow broadcasters for free or else, subscribe to the channel for a fee. Gamers can get paid for streaming.  To discover more about a specific game you need to click

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