Cyber Security Toolkit for Children


The cyber essential steps to keeping children safe online Do the children in your care understand the importance of strong passwords and cyber security? Do your passwords contain the name of members of your family, pets, sports’ teams, or birthdates? In 2021, an annual evaluation by NordPass reported that they

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Understanding FGM


Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is typically understood as an offline issue. In our line of work, however, we are seeing increasing reports of online sexualised abuse and harassment towards women and girls. To remedy this issue, we need to understand that online risks have offline roots.November 25th marks the International Day for the Elimination

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Responding to Online Challenges


Guidance for Schools INEQE Safeguarding Group has produced a resource to support your school’s response to online challenges and harmful content. This resource explains why online challenges are popular, providing top tips on how to identify a hoax versus a trend, includes a classroom discussion-based activity and outlines the practical steps you can take in

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What is Trolling?


Have you ever seen the term “troll” or “trolling” used on social media? If you look at the comment section of any controversial topic, you’ll likely find it. Trolling is typically used to irritate communities, fans of celebrity targets, or people who hold specific beliefs or positions of power. The seemingly anonymous nature of internet

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Incels in the Classroom: The Worrying Rise of an Online Subculture


Incel stands for involuntary celibate. The incel ideology can be complex, with many different subcultures, but it is generally a group of men who feel they are forced to be celibate due to women denying them sex that they feel is owed to them. Incel stands for involuntary celibate. The incel ideology

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Shining a Light on The Dark Web


The phrase ‘dark web’ might bring up all sorts of connotations in your mind, none of which are probably good. For most people, the dark web is a place never ventured to or even given much thought. It’s the other side of the internet, the shadowy depths where criminals and people who are up

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PSNI Issue WhatsApp Scam Warning


Police in Northern Ireland have issued a warning following a surge of recent reports about a WhatsApp scam targeting victims across the region. This scam involves a scammer pretending to be a child or relative asking their loved ones for money via a WhatsApp message. Superintendent Gerard Pollock, Chair of

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A Beginners Guide to Deepfakes


We've all had that wow moment, when something we thought possible only in the imagination of sci-fi writers suddenly exists at our fingertips! Just when we think we have seen everything technology has to offer, something new comes along. These moments can stop us in our tracks and make us wonder whatever is next.

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Dyslexia in a Digital World: Your Need-to-Know Guide


For this year’s Dyslexia Awareness Week, our team put together a guide on this often-misunderstood learning difficulty. With this year’s awareness week theme being Invisible Dyslexia, we thought it was important to help bring some visibility to this issue. Here is a simple overview of what dyslexia is and how it can specifically impact

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Let’s Talk About Furries


The internet is a constantly changing global forum that is filled with many different types of communities. These communities often allow people to express themselves in a way that frees them from what they consider to be societal “norms.” In recent years, with the explosive popularity of YouTubers and TikTokers, some members of these communities

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