Ofcom Report 2022- What You Need to Know


Communications regulator Ofcom has released its latest Media Use and Attitudes Report 2022 looking at the recent online trends and attitudes of children and parents across the UK. The report provides a clear snapshot of parents, children, and young people’s current media habits that can help us understand the emerging trends,

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Young People & Gambling in Gaming


According to the Children’s Commissioner, 93% of UK children regularly play video games. With constant competition from other games, social media, and streaming sites, the challenge to stay engaging is a daily one for any gaming platform. This has led to the rise of gambling in gaming

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Your Guide to the Online Safety Bill


You may have heard about the Online Safety Bill – and if you haven’t, it’s likely you soon will!  The Online Safety Bill marks one of the biggest planned changes to date in the way online tech companies are held responsible for content that appears on their platforms. It’s specifically

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How to Talk to Children with Autism about Cyberbullying


Research shows that disabled youth, especially those with autism, are at increased risk for bullying compared to their neurotypical peers. At Ineqe Safeguarding Group, we believe that all young people should have safe and equal access to the digital world. Social media and the online world can be a difficult place

How to Talk to Children with Autism about Cyberbullying2022-04-07T13:09:09+01:00

What is Rocket League?


While you might have fond memories of videogames like Mario Kart and Sonic the Hedgehog, children and young people today will probably be more familiar with games like Rocket League. This free online game can be played on almost any console – no wonder it has

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Making the Internet a Safer Place – For Everyone


This blog is about Assistive Technology and how it can be used to include children with additional needs in digital spaces. Our Makaton video will enable children to build a trusted team of adults who they can rely on for help, support and guidance. INEQE Safeguarding Group values an online

Making the Internet a Safer Place – For Everyone2022-04-07T13:09:11+01:00

CSE Awareness Day 2022


Today marks National Child Exploitation Awareness day. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. We all have a role to play in raising awareness about all forms of exploitation to enable safeguarding professionals, the public, parents and carers, as well as the children and young people in our lives, to recognise the signs of exploitation. What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

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Young Carers and Isolation


The lifestyle of being a carer is often a lonely one and for young carers any isolation can be tough to cope with. In honour of Young Carers Action Day 2022, here’s our guide on how to spot, support and stand with the young carers in your

Young Carers and Isolation2022-04-07T13:09:12+01:00

Talking to Your Child About the War in Ukraine


As a global community, we have faced a turbulent few years, ruled chiefly by the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions it brought. Now as we enter Spring 2022, the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken over media attention and national concern. We live in a time

Talking to Your Child About the War in Ukraine2022-04-07T13:09:13+01:00
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