Helpful Examples of How Technology Can Support Children with Autism


To celebrate Disability Pride Month and Disability Awareness Day, we’re looking at how technology can support people with Autism in their day-to-day lives. As technology continues to evolve, we realise it has the potential to be a force for good; a powerful way to empower children

Helpful Examples of How Technology Can Support Children with Autism2022-07-15T16:06:03+01:00

What is Yoti? – Your guide to Yoti and Age Verification


Header Image © With the recent announcements that both Yubo and Instagram will be partnering with Yoti as part of their new strategy to verify users’ ages, our online safety experts took a closer look at what Yoti is, and whether photo age verification

What is Yoti? – Your guide to Yoti and Age Verification2022-08-19T10:49:42+01:00



We have received reports from parents and young people around a new feature found in popular app Snapchat. This feature allows users to obtain directions to another user’s exact location and address. Since its release, many users have expressed their outrage and have called out the platform for including it without

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Telegram: Your Online Safety Guide


In our digital world, there are many apps and platforms created to help us stay connected to those we love and find new connections with people from all over the world. Children and young people are growing up in a time where instant messaging and video calls are equal to

Telegram: Your Online Safety Guide2022-06-01T14:19:56+01:00

Global Accessibility Awareness Day


Thursday the 19th of May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (also known as GAAD). It’s a day to reflect, discuss and learn about digital access and online inclusion. In a time in which we rely on online spaces and technology more than ever, it’s important that

Global Accessibility Awareness Day2022-05-19T16:39:39+01:00

What’s Up with WhatsApp


With nearly two billion users worldwide, WhatsApp remains one of the most popular social media messaging services after more than ten years of being on the scene. Though they’ve clearly found a formula for success, WhatsApp continue to develop and expand. Our online safety experts have

What’s Up with WhatsApp2022-08-19T10:56:09+01:00

Password 101 – Our Top Tips for Staying Password Protected


Passwords are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your personal information. Think about how many of your details are stored online. Things like your address, date of birth, credit card details, and both work and personal banking information are used for things

Password 101 – Our Top Tips for Staying Password Protected2022-05-05T17:00:12+01:00

“Communication Safety” – Apple’s Latest Feature


While tech companies are constantly releasing new updates and features for mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, one of Apple’s upcoming releases is getting a lot of attention from safeguarding professionals as well as parents and carers.   We’ve taken a look at the ‘Communication Safety in Messages’

“Communication Safety” – Apple’s Latest Feature2022-05-24T11:57:03+01:00

Everything You Need to Know about ‘Finstas’


While we are seeing social media platforms introduce features that focus on curating content for your ‘close friend’ groups, another trend is seeing a resurgence in popularity with children and young people in the UK. A ‘finsta’ (a slang term that combines ‘fake’ and ‘Insta’, a popular

Everything You Need to Know about ‘Finstas’2022-05-03T09:17:16+01:00

TikTok’s New Stories Feature


With the launch of the new TikTok Stories feature, we take a look into what social media stories are and why young people use them. Long gone are the days of buying disposable cameras - capturing moments with friends on school holidays to bring in and show around to classmates on the morning back to

TikTok’s New Stories Feature2022-05-03T09:18:32+01:00
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